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Assasin's Creed Blackbeard coat
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Assasin's Creed Blackbeard coat
blackbeard full coat front
assassin's creed dreadmore blackbeard
blackbeard vented back view
AC4 coat cuff detail

Assassin's Creed Black Beard Coat

$ 550.00

Med 36-40
Large 41-44
XL 45-48
XXL 49-54

This frock coat be a unique design from the Assassin's Creed 4 Black Beard character, which is a blend of a Civil War style coat with elements from the Golden Age of Piracy to produce a stunning look

This be the perfect piece for those lookin' to get a spot on cosplay of Black Beard from Ubisofts Black Flags, but can go well on any captain if ye just be wanting a unique, eyecatching coat to finish off a look.

• Made of dark gray durable 100% cotton canvas material.
• 22 real metal buttons and 28 medium buttons
• 7 leather straps on each sleeve
• Black velvet with embroidered designs (very difficult to produce)
• Big back expansion vent
• Simulated leather front lapels (we have switched this to a nicer looking simulated suede that is a bit darker in color)
• Made unlined so as to reduce heat

Washing Instructions Category 1: Dry Clean Only or Spot Clean

This garment be made here at Pirate Fashions. Sometimes we have them in stock, but many times we will have to make it once you order it, so it may take an extra 4-6 week to receive yer order.

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