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Pyrate Pistol Ribband

Title: Regular Ribband

In arrrrr research on how pirates wore thar pistols we have come across the method of wearing pistols on a strap, which was called a ribband during the Golden Age of piracy.

The advantage of wearing a pistol on a ribband instead of on yar belt be a faster draw n' quicker to reseat. The time it takes to put a pistol back in a belt during a boarding action is long enough to get yerself slashed with a cutlass.

Arrrr ribband is made of a soft cotton material with two black stripes down the side.  It comes in two sizes: regular and small.  The small size has an extra loop to the side that ye can hang stuff from.  The small is designed for people less than 160 pounds or under 5 foot 9 inches tall.

Note: You will need a belt hook on yar pistol to use this strap, which can be purchased right here in arrrrr fine shop!