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Prussian military percussion pistol
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Prussian military percussion pistol
prussian military percussion pistol left side view
prussian military percussion pistol lock detail
prussian military percussion pistol muzzle detail
prussian military percussion pistol trigger guard detail

Prussian Military Percussion Pistol (Black Powder)

$ 375.00

An elegant weapon, this pistol was popular in the Prussian military from 1840-1860. These pistols were imported to the Confederacy for use during the Civil War.

• Certified proof tested
• Lifetime warranty
• There is no provision for a ram rod with this pistol, as the cavalry generally had the ramrod attached to a lanyard, which hung around the soldiers neck or cross belt.
• .66 caliber smooth bore, 9 inch octagon to round barrel. All hardware is of armory bright iron and brass
• Stamped 1851 at the breech, with all proper armory stamps and markings throughout.
• Has an external nipple protector and fires a regular musket cap
• Beautiful natural walnut wood stock
• Front n' rear sights
• Uses a musket percussion cap

• Length: 15.5", Weight: 2 lbs 14oz.

NOTE: The finish is now a natural walnut instead of black dyed.

 All black powder weapons must be insured, ship Fedex - 5 day ground n' must be signed fer.  You will receive an additional invoice fer shipping!

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