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British Flintlock Musketoon Blunderbuss (Black Powder)

Title: British Flintlock Blunderbuss

This be arrrr new Golden Age British blunderbuss, 1710 modeled! Blunderbuss were also called Musketoon. The barrel during this time period only had a small flare at the end, which got much bigger at the end of the 18th century. The older version we use to carried was the British Pattern 1746 Sea Service Board of Ordnance Specifications.

• Certified proof tested
• Lifetime warranty
• .75 caliber
• Beatiful walnut hard wood
• Brass butt cap, trigger guard n' ramrod guide
• Polished steel barrel n' lock
• Functionational black powder weapon with drilled vent hole
• Wood ramrod with brass tip with a patch worm
• Completely made in the USA
• 95 grains for blank loads n' 45 grains for ball
• Length: 32", Weight: 7 lbs 13oz

* Old version seen on AMC TV Series Turn
• Old version seen in Starz TV Series Black Sails

All black powder weapons are required to be insured, ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day n' must be signed fer.