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White Wench Shift
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White Wench Shift
Common Wench Shift
White Shift
White Chemise
White Wench Shift
Lady's White Chemise

Common Wench Shift

$ 65.00

Natural Cotton
White Linen

Shift be the English term fer a loosely fitting dress that hangs straight, a common undergarment during the Golden Age of piracy. This be a timeless  garment worn by wenches 'n ladies alike, it acts as a protective barrier under their corset or stays or as sleepwear.

• 100% cotton or linen for good breathablity
• Long sleees to protect delicate arms
• Elastic at neck and cuff
• Can be worn on or off the shoulders
• One side fits most women
• Comes only in white
• Length: 56 inches

Washing instructions Category 3: wash cold, line dry

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