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roundhead doublet brown
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roundhead doublet brown
Boucaneer Doublet
The Boucaneer Doublet worn without sleeves and unbuttoned
boucaneer doublet button detail
Sleeves are attached by leather laces around the shoulder
Boucaneer Doublet

Boucaneer Doublet

$ 149.00

Pirate Black
Med 38

During the time of Sir Francisco Drake (1540-1596), sea dogs would have been wearing doublets such as these. They be worn under a buff jerkin or breast armor, or as a vest or coat in chilly weather.

• 100% medium weight wool with a linen lining
• Can be worn 3 different ways: as a regular coat, vest with sleeved detached, or with sleeved attached but draped off the arms
• 12 wool covered sack buttons, a very true to period feature!
• Has leather laces with brass points to attach the sleeves and at the waist to attach  to britches or pumpkin pants.
• Comes in olive brown or royal burgundy.
• As seen in the movie: America: Imagine the World Without Her

Washing instructions Category 1: dry clean or spot clean

NOTE: This item as been discontinued

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