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Golden Age Pirate Buckle Shoe

Size: 8
Metal: Brass

This be the only 1700 Golden Age Era leather buckle shoes available.  Everybody else is making a 1775 Rev War era buckle shoe. It features the square toe n' the long tongue. The red sole and heel means that its been to the French Royal Court, or plundered from some one who has.  Perfect for the Court Pirate Outfit. You can always dye the sole and heel black if you don't like it red.

• Comes with arrrr custom 1.5inch buckles instead of the hard to install period buckle
• These shoe are made of leather n' have a padded sole (more comfortable than any other buckle shoe I have worn)
• Contains a right and left side rather the the period correct straight style, for comfort in wearing
• These come in full sizes only and are D+ or E-width
* Run a bit on the large side, so you can put insoles in them

Note: Need to be broken in to be comfortable like all original leather shoes and easiest to put on using a shoe horn.