Sold Out

Double Trouble Baldric

Color: Pirate Black
Material: Brass

When you want to kick ass, here be the baldric fer ye, arrrrgh! Part of arrrr Edward Teach outfit. This baldric will carry two pistols along the front and sword and dagger to the side.  Designed to hold two full size black powder weapons comfortably on the front of the baldric, which be a difficult task when it needs to be adjustable to different sized people with different sized pistols. The more weapons you wear, the harder it be to make it comfortable all day long, but this one keeps a good balance fer 4 weapons on only one baldric.

• Made with two adjustable holsters to accommodate different sized and shaped pistols
• Baldric with adjustable holders for both cutlass and dagger/bayonet 
• 18 inches of adjustment from both sides 
• Will fit most pirates from 5'9 to 6'3 from 200 to 300 pounds
• The edges of the leather are beveled so it won't dig into yer skin
• Shoulder pad to help distribute the weight off the neck
• Nine small period buckles of either brass or nickel