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Real looking Pirate Beard N' Mustache Kit by Mehron

When ye be wanting real looking beards n' mustaches, use the stuff that Hollywood uses. Crepe hair with spirit gum by Mehron.  Contains 12 inches of tightly woven black braids of real wool that will straighten out to 3 times its packaged length. This is not a finished one piece item, ye must spend time laying yer hair.
• Comes with a .125 oz (4 ml) glass bottle of spirit gum with a brush applicator

Watch the Mehron video on how to use Crepe Hair. Straighten braid out by ironing between pieces of wet fabric. Crepe hair can be applied directly to the skin with spirit gum.  Fer a realistic beard, apply in layers.  To comb out, use a wide tooth comb.  Crepe hair can be painted with liquid makeup.