Men's Pirate Clothing, Attire, Garb, n' Costumes
A scurvy pirate in full regalia brandishing weapons

We specialize in period clothes for pirates, buccaneers, privateers, salty dogs, sailors, swallywags, sailors n' rogues.  Garb being defined as distinctive or special kind of clothing, attire, regalia, uniform or dress.  We don't consider what we sell as costumes, as the term now means cheap polyester Halloween outfits that are ill fitting, will fall apart after one wearing, not historically correct.  

Pirate Fashions carry the largest collection of pirate garb and period clothing. We search the entire 7 seas fer all the pirate clothing from the worlds finest suppliers, which there be damn precious few worth buying from.  So fer all the gap of items that I can not find a good supplier fer, we make.  So many of the items arrrr only available here n' nowhere else, as we are the worlds largest pirate store.

We usually try to carry two quality levels in arrrr men's pirate clothing.  One is the affordable clothing, usually made by a foreign vendor, which maybe made of a lighter weight fabric and not alway of the most authentic design but still looks the part.  The button are normally plastic instead of solid metal.  The second is the more authentic clothing, usually made in house by Pirate Fashions, we tend to do research to find a historic pattern, but we usually have to make adjustment to fit the modern world.  We found that men don't like the pot belly style of coat n' waistcoat for 1700's, or the high waisted breech that be tight around the calves. 

We sell pirate attire that be made of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather and rayon.  We try to avoid modern synthetic fabric as they tend not to breath as well n' be a fire hazard around black powder weapons.  Fer the best in Pirate Clothing click below:

Separate Items:

Men's Pirate Boots
Pirate Frock Coat, Jackets N Doublets
Men's Pirate Pants, Knee Breeches N Slops
Men's Sashes
Pirate, Poet, Buccaneer Shirt
Men's Waistcoat, Jerkin N Weskit