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Hand Carved Pirate Knife

Title: KrackenKnife

For those pirates seeking a unique knife, this be a real treasure of a kraken attacking a Sperm Whale carved from antler horn handle of custom made knife. A true piece of art you can carry with you n' impress all that look at it.

  • 5.5 inch hand forge blade made from harden industrial file
  • Reverse Tanto shape blade is good for slashing n' cutting
  • Blade has thumb pad for better control
  • Comes with brown leather sheath with 3.5 inch belt hoop
  • Individually hand carved Kracken or Giant Squid attacking a Sperm Whale in amazing detail from a solid piece of deer antler horn
  • Copper bolster connects blade to handle
  • Only One Available

• Overall Length: 11", Weight: 9  oz