Unique One Off Pirate Coats
Here be a some booty I have acquired from merchantmen sailing out of New Amsterdam (NYC Opera}, the transport ship be sinking when I found it, really. I'm just an honest merchantman tryin' to unique one-of-kind garment to enhance yar status. Nothing be wore than wearning the same pirate coat as everyone else. Most of these frock coats be from three different operas: Rosenkavalier which be a story set in 1744 Germandy, Manon which be set in France 1731, and New Moon which also be set in France 1792. All of these beautiful frock coats have been used and made for an opera. I have made notes on the condition and what material has been used to my best ability. I be a pyrate but an honest pyrate at that, arrrrrgh! Over all the construction of most of these coat are outstanding. Sold in "as is" condition. We can fix or alter item (such as change to metal buttons) fer an additional fee.