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Simple Surgical Mask

Color: White

After producing the New World Plague Mask, some of arrr customers who work in the medical field contacted us about having a Hospital version made for them.  The fabric be similar to what is used in air filter and vacuum bags. Perfectly pared with the Plague Resistant Shirt n' the Plague Key.

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• Single layer of white non-woven fabric made of 80% polyester 20% Rayon
• 40 inch straps that can be tied to fit anyone
• Can be washed n’ reused

Note: Face Mask arrr not returnable, just like underwear.

These face masks are not designed fer medical professionals, but fer everybody else. They be 95% effective against 1 micron particles vs 97% from a medical grade mask. See report.  There be claims that mask arrr ineffective. These claims arrr made because there arrr not enough masks fer everyone.  A mask prevents people with the virus from spreading it around n’ it inhibits people from touching their mouth n’ nose.  It be 65% successful for avoiding virus infection. See another report.