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Nuestra Señora de la Pura Y Concepcion 8 Reales Treasure Coin

$ 199.00


Capitana 8 Reales Treasure Cob.

On September 28, 1641, the Spanish treasure fleet set sail for Seville, Spain, from Havana, Cuba loaded with silver from New World mines. Minted into the rough-shaped, famous, Spanish 8 Reale, the treasure was destined to swell the coffers of the merchants who owned most of the treasure, and the powerful Spanish Empire.

Just ten days before, the fleet had made their first attempt at the voyage. Meeting the full-force of hurricane-season storms, the ships were forced to turn back – returning to Cuba for essential repairs to the battered vessels.

On the second voyage the fleet once again encountered severe storms, as the hurricane season was well underway. The fleet was scattered in a matter of hours. The 600 ton galleon Concepcion, badly damaged, drifted under make-shift sails for days on end, with the hand-powered pumps in operation 24 hours a day.

Weeks later, on October 31, 1641, the hulk of the once-proud Concepcion ran aground amidst the reefs north of Hispañola, the present day Dominican Republic.

Rumors of a vast Spanish treasure lost on a remote reef circulated throughout the Caribbean and made its way to the English colonies in the Americas. In 1687, Captain William Phipps, who would later become the governor of Massachusetts, discovered and salvaged part of Concepcion’s treasure.

On November 28, 1978, Jack Haskins and Burt Webber rediscovered the remains of Concepcion. Thousands of eight reales were reclaimed.  Concepcion artifacts and treasures remain on permanent display in the Dominican Republic National Museums Casas Reales and Faro Colon in Santo Domingo.

But more treasure remained undiscovered… and Jack Haskins and Carl Fismer knew it. With the aid of new metal detector technology they led a new expedition to Silver Shoals in 1986. Within days, the sand grudgingly gave up more hidden treasures, and, for the third time.

This 8 reales cob coins be a grade 4 ( grade 1 being the best and grade 5 being the worst) due to corrosion and some of the detail is missing. They come with a Certificate of Authenticity and black floating frame display stand.


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