Lady Pirate and Wenches Clothing

A lady pirate in a tricorne hat brandishing a spyglass peers meanicingly We specialize in period clothes or garb fer Lady Pirates, Wenches, Bar Maids, Salty Sea Lassies n Sea Side Vixen.  Garb being defined as distinctive or special kind of clothing, regalia, uniform or dress.  We don't consider what we sell as costumes, as the term now means cheap polyester Halloween outfits that are ill-fitting, fall apart after one wearing, N not historically correct.  

Pirate Fashions carry the largest collection of pirate N wench attire. We search the entire 7 seas fer all the pirate clothing from the worlds finest suppliers, which there be damn precious few worth buying from.  So fer all the gap of items that I can not find a good supplier fer, we make.  Many of the items arrrr only available here n' nowhere else, as we are the worlds largest pirate store.

Since there were NO female pirates in the Golden Age in the Americas that were not Cross Dresser (as women were not allow aboard ship because it was bad luck, many women dress up as boys, if you want to do that then just shop in the Pirate Garb section). So female pirate outfits arrrrr mostly fantasy designs. We have put together the best selection of what we thing women buccaneers would look like.  If we follow exactly what women of the time period worn, you would all look like rich women of court or servant girls.

We sell wench attire at be made of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather and rayon.  We try to avoid modern synthetic fabric as they tend not to breath as well n' be a fire hazard around black powder weapons.  

Separate Items:

Women's Blouses N Tops
Lady Pirate Boot N Shoes
Wench Chemise N Shift 
Lady Pirate Bodices
Corsets fer Ladies N Wenches
Women's Pirate Coats N Jackets
Historical Ladies Gown
Wench Sash N Hip Scarf
Women's Skirts N Petticoats
Molly Roger Wenchwear