Dress like a Wench or Lady Pirate

Here be the secret to dressing like a lady pirate, vixen, wench or high born lady.

6 Different Types of Women in the Pirate Eras:

Yar position in society determines the type of clothes ye be wearing. How ye be wearing that clothes determines yar purpose: sexy (modern) or proper (historical).  As you know that a women can have many different outfit, even portraying the same character, it depends if ye be at the local tavern or the Governor's mansion. 

The different between a common wench and women pirate (they can be wearing the same garments) be that the women pirate be wearing weapons and a pirate hat. 

1)  Formal Lady

 Irish Gown Outfit



2) Lady Captain


 Port Royal Outfit



3) Traditional Lady Pirate


Piratical Duchess Outfit

Corset Dress Outfit
Mardi Gras Outfit


4) Modern Lady Pirate

Tipsy Wench
Pirate's Delight



5) Basic Wench

Tortuga Outfit
Lady Kilt
 Tart Outfit



6) Cross Dresser

Nassua Outfit