Dressing Like a Pirate

This be the secret to dressing like a pyrate, buccaneer, rogue or salty sea dog that no soul has put quill to parchment.  There be 3 main positions or jobs:

1) Seamen: Deckhand, Powder Monkey, Scurvy Dog, Pirate
Wears Shirts, Pants plus Bandana, Sash, Sandals

2) Officer: Bosun, 1st Mate, Quartermaster, Gunner
Adds Waistcoat plus Hat, Baldric n' Weapons

3) Captain: Admiral, Commodore
Add Coat plus Boots, Accessories n' more Weapons

There be 2 styles of pirate dress:

1) Fancy: which has lace, ruffle, metal buttons or brocade cloth

2) Rough: which has simple plain fabric, more leather and simple buttons 


Here be the 6 Types of Pirates outfit based on arrr organization system:

1) Fancy Captain

Woods Roger Outfit

Woodes Rogers Outfit

Captain Morgan Outfit
Assassin's Creed 4 Black Beard Outfit


2) Rough Captain

Stormy Captain

Captain Jack Sparrow

Stormy Captain Outfit

Captain Jack Sparrow



3) Fancy Officer

First Mate

Buccaneer Outfit Mardi Gras Outfit

First Mate Outfit

Men's Buccaneer 
Mardi Gras Pirate 


4) Rough Officer

Sea Wolf Outfit

Sea Worthy Outfit

Sea Wolf Pirate 

Sea Worthy 


5) Fancy Seamen 

Kilted Pirate

Dashing Rouge

Kilted Pirate Outfit


6) Rough Seamen 

Sea Rover Outfit

Dread Roberts Outfit

Sea Rover Starter Pirate Outfit

Dread Pirate Roberts


These outfit be guild lines to transforming from a lubber to a pirate.  Mark me words, that "A pyrate can wear anything he damn well pleases, arrrrgh!


Build Yar Own Pirate Outfit

If ye not wanting one of the outfit above, ye can build yar own.  Best to follow this order of selecting items and watch the videos below:

1) Frock Coat first if ye wanting to be a Captain
2) Waistcoat if ye wanting to be an Officer or to go with yar Captain's Coat
3) Shirt (white if yar going fancy or natural if going rugged)
4) Pant, which can be slops if yar going rugged, knee breeches if yar going fancy
5) SashBandanaSock: they can all be the sample color, but different from yar coat, waistcoat or pant color
6) Tricorn Hat if going Golden Age or Swashbuckler if going Buccaneer Era
7) Leather GearBelt n' Baldric to carry yar weapons
8) Weapons, the more the better, a Sword in one hand n' Pistol in the other
9) Foot Gear:  boots, buckle shoe or sandals
10) Pouch to hold yar personal stuff like keys, phone, wallet
11) Misc accessories, such as TankardBottleShackleEye PatchSpyglass
12) Jewelry

Different Color Styles:
1) Complete One Color Matching - everything is one color like black
2) One color with black n' or white - as black and white don't count as a color
3) Two colors with black n' or white - pink n burgundy, brown n green, blue n gold
4) Pirated don't match - they can wear anything they damn well please

Invest in Fun:
The better dressed, the attention you'll get, the more fun you will have at an event. You do not have to buy everything all at once, but you can slowly build an outfit over time. Look at the pirates event page n' see what other pirates events be in yar area. Instead of feeling cheap wearing a different halloween costume every year, feel like a movie star in a high quality historical clothing that everyone will want to take of photo of.  Think of this as an investment that ye will wear to many event of the next few years instead of just one. Remember that its the combination of all these items that will make yar outfit look more realistic n' stand out from everyone else, yarrrrr!