Buy a Gun, Get a Cannon Deal!

Avast Maties, Ye’ be damned if ye don’t get a FREE Cannon to celebrate 4th of July, arrrrgh! With the plunder of any Black Powder Flintlock Firearm, ye will get arrrrr Pirate Black Powder Desk Canon thrown into the deal.

This treasure be good only on 4th day in the year of 2014 to celebrate the 13 new Colonies of the Americas.  Blow me down, what do pyrates have to do with independance?  About 50 years earlier, pyrate captains such as Blackbeard, Black Sam Bellamy n’ Charles Van established a Pirate Republic, the precursor democracy in the New World.

The deal applies on Pirate Fashion website or at the Tampa Store fer firing flintlock pistols, blunderbuss or muskets; not replicas, matchlocks, wheel locks or percussion firearms.  Remember these weapons arrrr all proof tested, lifetime warrantee n’ come with an 8 hour training class.

The Pirate Desk Cannon be a .58 cal smoothbore with a 4.5 inch carbon steel barrel, design to fire black powder only, no projectiles. They be might fun to fire off on Independence Day or any other day.  So celebrate by getting the flintlock firearm that ye have been working all year fer!