Pirates Photo Contest

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To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, we be holding Two Photo Contest. One fer the rogues n' one fer the wenches. Here be arrr judging criteria:

* Must get at lease 9 votes to qualify to entree

• Be in a authentic pirate outfit (at lease one item from Pirate Fashions, no Halloween pirate in a bag costumes).  35% of score

• Ye need to be by yarself (no groups), be in an crazy action posse (full body to 3/4 body, with something in each hand). 25% of score

• Write 25 - 100 words about why you love dressing like a pirate and what item from Pirate Fashions ye be wearing. 25% of score

• Please put yar photo against a unique background like a beach or jungle or a pirate background like a ship or historic building (no white backgrounds).  15% of score

Winners will be announce on Sept 30.  The Lady Pirate and Buccaneer will win a $150 Pirate Fashions Gift Certificate each.   The winner will be chosen by the Krewe of Pirate Fashions from all entries with at least 9 votes.

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