Pirate Supply Store Tour

Tour of the finest Pirate Store in the 7 Seas

Please take a photo tour of arrrrr 4000 square foot store in Tampa, FL.  We be the world's largest Pirate Supply Store, so if yar looking for more than cheap halloween costumes or tourist souvenirs, ye have come the the right place.  Pirate Fashions have just recently updated half the pictures, as we have remodeled the showroom to double the amount of products that can be display.

The front door to this Pirate Supply Store is in the back. You must go down the alley around the side to get to the back parking area. 


 There is space fer 13 parking spaces. The main entrance is in the back only.  The building was knocked down, so we have another 18 space.


Here be the inside entrance where be be needing to ring the ship's bell to board the store. We have a display of antique weapons but a screen which display 94 pirate movie posters.



Next to the entrance, where arrr cash registor be in a restored ancient steamer chest, next to the jewelry area.

Next to the register area be the book area. Captain Morgan be guarding the front area.

 Behind the book area , be the new product table, which be next to are custom hat area.

Here are large mirror infront of the 2 dressing room, next to the leather area.

We added a new corset n' bodice area in the front, so we can carry even more booty fer all arrrr favorite wenches.

 Here be the wench clothing area, where we have double racked so we can display more plunder. 

 Here is the Pirate Flag area next to the Pirate Art area.


We have two restrooms which can also be used as dressing rooms when busy.


Here is the sock area, boot area, next to the bandana n' sash area. 




Men's Pirate Area which shows off some of the many Frock coats, but we also have rack full of waistcoats, shirt n' pant as well.




Here be the leather section packed with belts, baldrics, pouches, bags n' straps of all kinds.



 This be arrrr newly remodeled armoury, so we can display booth arrrr hand made black powder firearms as well as non-firing replica pirate pistols.  As you can see we are well supplied with pirate gear.




A need sword section as also been added to the store which showcases stage combat cutlass, battle ready swords as well as a wide range of daggers, knifes, floggers and boarding axes.




More than half of the space is arrr manufacturing area. Here is the wood shop where gun stocks are made.


Here is the metal working shop where barrels are bored n' gun parts made.


Here be the leather shop where be make belt, baldric, holster n' all kinds of leather objects.


Upstairs is arrrrr garnet shop which house many commerical sewing machines to produce much of the pirate garb in the store


Also upstairs is another photo area to take photos of arrrr products fer this here website. As you can see, this is more than just a simple little store.