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AC Blackbeard Baldric/Belt Combo

Title: AC Blackbeard Baldric/Belt Right handed

Game designers can create some very cool looking items which don't have to work in the real world. We wanted to create a system that could carry real weapons n' to do that we had to move one of the swords to the bottom of the baldric so the weight of the pistols wouldn't cause the baldric to rotate around. We also had to put an adjustment buckle in the back so that it could adjust to differently sized people.
• The holders can adjust to different sized pistols from replicas to real black powder weapons.
• Can hold one, two, three or four full sized pistols at the same time.
• Both sword frogs can be adjusted to fit different size cutlasses. They can also adjust the angle the sword hangs at.
• All nickel hardware

Doesn't include the pirate flintlock pistols or cutlass shown.