Cinderella Maid Dress

Title: Cinderella Maid Dress

Here be the perfect maids' gown fer a pirate wench. Plundered from a sinking vessel from a New Amsterdam merchant (New York City Opera production of Cinderella).

This be in a style of 1550 to 1650 period gown with a ¾ double sleeve. The bodice is boned with steel and is fully lined. It is made out of heavy cotton and comes with a cotton shawl, and a heavy reversible cotton skirt it has been distressed/weathered so that you're ready to play the part.

Bust: 34 inches, Waist: 25 inches
Condition: Good (B)
Garment care Category 1: dry clean only

Condition Issues: Bodice boning is wearing through the fabric in the front and back.

Note: Opera gowns are for theatrical purposes and are not made using regular garment construction, making them a bit more delicate to wear.