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Bail Money by the Bilge Pumps

Title: Bail Money by the Bilge Pumps

The Bilge Pumps 7th CD!  They be a pirate music group based in Dallas/Ft. Worth area who specialize in performances that combine sea songs, shanties n' Celtic music with a huge dose of silly comedy.  This cd be a combination of the band at three different live venues.

Krew consist of: Maroon, Harvey, John Crow, Sharkbait Simon n' Splice.

1. Santiano
2. Blow Ye Winds
3. Strike the Bell
4. Bandan Boat Pirates
5. The Night Pat Murphy Died
6. 10,000 Miles Awa
7. The Farmer
8. The Derelict
9. Grey Funnel Line
10. Johny Jump Up
11. Shiver My Timbers
12. The Gun Shanty
13. Ghosts of Heroes
14. The Sailor's Prayer
15. The Mermaid
16. Seven Bridges Road
17. The Dark Lady