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Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook Cover

Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook

$ 19.00

A Swashbuckler's Guide from Pirates of the Caribbean

If ye be dressin' up as Jack Sparrow, here be a helpful guide fer ye. Something ye can do after watching the DVD a hundred times.

Back copy: "For every would-be pirate who's wished to cast off the shackles of landlubber society, here is the official guide to taking up seagoing roguishness the right way- er, that is, the right wrong way- well, let's just say Jack's way.

The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook gives ye an insiders perspective on all the dirty tricks of the buccaneer's trade, helpfully arrrrrrrrrticulating such vital nautical information as:

How to Bury Treasure

How to Break a Curse

How to Fight a Tavern Full of Angry Men

How to Stay Alive When Your Ship Sinks

How to Cope with Mermaids

... and dozens more crucial skills you'll want to master before hitting the high seas."

Review by Heather Faville at Doubleshot Book Reviews!

Hardback, 176 Pages, 5.8 x 7.8 inches


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