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French Holster Pistol (Black Powder)

Title: French Holster Pistol

This pistol came into use from 1675 to 1700. Our reproduction cavalry or holster pistol represents a typical French Dragoon pistol of this period. These pistols were also used extensively by the French all over the world. Pirates and Buccaneers favored them as well.

• Certified proof tested
• Lifetime warranty
• .62 caliber, smooth bore
• 15 inch barrel with period marks.
• Brass trigger guard, thumb escheon, side plate, rammer pipes and butt cap with long side horns
• Beautiful hardwood stock
• Functional black powder pistol with drilled vent hole
• Included brasscapped ramrod
• 65 grains for blank loads n' 35 grains for ball
• Length: 23", Weight: 3 lbs 15 oz.

* As seen on AMC TV Series Turn

• As seen in Starz TV Series Black Sails

All black powder weapons must be insured, ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day (Not Priority Mail like the shopping cart says) n' signed fer.