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german wheel lock pistol
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german wheel lock pistol
german wheel lock pistol reverse view
german wheel lock pistol spanning the lock
german wheel lock pistol top view
german wheel lock pistol lock detail
German Wheel Lock Pistol (Black Powder)

German Wheel Lock Pistol (Black Powder)

$ 1,500.00

The wheel lock mechanism came into common use in the late 15th century and was the first self igniting firearm, making practical pistols possible. This type of pistol was used all over Europe by soldiers and sailors of all nations and was still in use by German cavalry in the Napoleonic era.

These pistols were used extensively in the British, Dutch, and Danish Navy n' Cavalry and they were favored by Pirates and Buccaneers alike.

• Certified proof tested
• Lifetime warranty
• .60 caliber
• Comes with belt hook
• Beautiful walnut hard wood
• Includes spanner key
• Polished steel butt cap, trigger guard, ramrod guide, barrel, n' lock
• Functional black powder pistol with drilled vent hole
• Parts by Loyalist Arms
• Steel capped ramrod
• Uses iron pyrite, which burns 3 times hotter than flint n' can fire in the rain

• Length: 23", Weight: 3 lbs

NOTE: This be a refurbished pistol with a brand new barrel that carries a full life time warranty

* As seen on NBC TV Series CrossBones

All black powder weapons must be insured, ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day (Not Priority Mail like the shopping cart says) n' signed fer.

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