Giant Calico Bandana

Color: Blue Paisley

Here be arrrr extra large pirate bananas for super long tails.  These bandanas be made of dyed pattern, from a soft light cotton.  Perfect fer humid tropical weather. This fine fabric be specially popular with the pirates, as with Calico Jack, also know as Captain Jack Rackham.

• Comes in 4 different patterns
• Made of 100% cotton with seamed edge
• This be made in a large triangle shape of 40x40x60, so you don't have to fold it.
• Made of a cotton that be soft, light n' breathable
• Perfect fer both pirates and wenches

HINT: You should always wear a bandana under a pirate hat fer the proper look n' to keep yar hat clean.

NOTE: This item is being discontinued, so once they're gone, they're gone forever!  Grab this treasure while ye can!