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Spanish Musket (Black Powder)

Title: Late Spanish Musket

This an 1703’s Spanish Musket, which features the more traditional French style stock.  This was one of the first Spanish Muskets brought to the New World. This musket was found all through the Spanish Empire from 1700 to 1900. This musket features a large Miquelet Lock with a heavily grooved frizzen to improve sparking of even poor quality flints. This newly revised musket is now all made in the USA.

• Walnut hardwood stock
• All steel furniture: 1 barrel band, trigger guard, butt plate, side plate 
• Steel capped wooden ramrod
• Steel miquelet Lock
• Doesn't include the following but can be purchased separately: flash guard, lock stall, sling and socket bayonet

Barrel length 40”
Overall length 56”
Weight 9 pounds 2 ozs
.69 Cal

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