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Maiden Voyage by Rusty Cutlass

Title: Maiden Voyage

Rusty Cutlass be a band of musical pirates from Central Florida. They are all full-time professional performers, so when they invade the stage ye can expect lots of entertainment, harmony, and good times. They perform authentic sea shanties, pirate songs, traditional Irish tunes, tavern songs, contemporary nautical favorites and more, most with close vocal harmonies.

Krewe consist of: Nasty Nate Cole, Dirty Jon Dirk, Pepe Duval, Logan Redwood, Jessy Harpoon Anny

1. Blow Ye Winds
2. Old Maui
3. Ashokan Farewell
4. New York Girls
5. Mingulay
6. Paddy West
7. Rollin' Home
8. Sailor's Hornpipe
9. Fiddler's Green
10. All For Me Grog