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matchlock caliver
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matchlock caliver
matchlock caliver reverse view
Matchlock Caliver (Black Powder)
Matchlock Caliver (Black Powder)

Matchlock Caliver (Black Powder)

$ 750.00 $ 600.00

This be arrrr revised version matchlock (1500-1680). This design removes the need to lower a lit match by hand to the weapon's flash pan which makes it possible to use both hands to keep a firm grip on yer weapon, and more importantly, to keep both eyes on yer target!

Advanced stock design, 30 inch barrel, 62 caliber with a metal tipped wood ramrod, steel tiller, thumb screw to hold slow match n' covered flash pan. Wood ramrod includes threaded holes to use a bore brush. Includes 5 feet of arrrr specially formulated slow match. Good for the Drake's Raid n' English Civil War time period.

This version has a straight barrel with no flair which reduces the weight by almost a pound.  The lock has been improved to make it more durable with a stronger return spring n'  the serpentine as been made stronger.  The tiller threads have been hardened to improve durability n' the ramrod had been threaded for a cleaning jag.

• 62 cal (uses .600 ball)

• Length: 45.5", Weight: 6 lbs 9 oz

All black powder weapons must be insured, ship by Fedex ground, n' must be signed fer.  Ye will be receiving an invoice fer additional shipping charges.

NOTE: This be a demo model, so it be used ($150 discount)


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