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Murdoch Pistol (Black Powder)

Title: Plain

The Murdoch Highland pistol appeared in the early 17th century and was in use until the early 19th century, n' were usually made with a metal stock. Earlier versions had locally made snaphaunce locks, but this later design has a standard English trade lock. This version of a Scottish dag be seen from 1770 to 1780. They were a favorite among Highland Scots because metal doesn’t rot in damp weather, which meant pirates and buccaneers favored them as well. This pistol be the perfect companion for a night out on a cold Scottish moor. Dag be Scottish fer pistol. There be much smaller that the larger military pistol of the time period.

Etching be very popular with the Highlanders, but very rare in the modern world. The etching is done as a hand design with electric etching in a salt & vinegar bath.  As it is hand applied, no two will be exactly the same.

•Comes in Two Versions: Plain or Etched
*Certified proof tested
• Lifetime warranty
• .50 caliber
• All metal construction
• Removable metal ram rod
• Removable vent pick
Includes Belt Hook, so holster is not needed
• Functional black powder pistol with drilled vent hole
• 50 grains for blank loads n' 25 grains for ball

• Length: 12 3/4", Weight: 2 lbs 2oz
• As seen in the Starz TV series Black Sails(plain version)

All black powder weapons must be insured, ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day n'  must be signed fer.  Ye will be receiving an additional invoice fer shipping.