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Belt Hook

Size: Small right Hook handed

We have been doing some research about how pirates carried their pistols and what we found was that pirates rarely used holsters at all, rather they almost always used belt hooks or ribbands to carry their pistols. Cavalry pistols and blunderbuss' are usually too heavy to wear comfortably on a belt so a hook would be used to hang it on a saddle. We offer small belt hooks fer replicas, medium belt hooks fer blackpowder pistols and large belt hooks fer blunderbuss'.

NOTE: New revised belt hook that be more authentic.  It only used one screw instead of two.  So you will have to drill a smaller hole in the gun stock to fit the locking pin in place.

The the small hook be 6 inches, the medium be 10 inches and the large hook be 12 inches in length.  If your black powder pistol be less than 12 inch long we recommend you order a small belt hook otherwise order a medium belt hook for a black powder pistol. If your pistol is a non-firing replica then order a short belt hook. 

We can install the belt hooks onto yer weapon fer a fee if ye order a pistol and belt hook in the same order. The belt hook does not come with the screw needed for installation and ye should watch the two video below on how to install a belt hook yourself.