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Pistolman's Pouch
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Pistolman's Pouch
Pistolman's Pouch Front View
Pistolman's Pouch Back View Dagger Holder Close Up
Leather Cartridge Box
Pistolman's Pouch Side View

Pistolman's Pouch

$ 120.00

This can be used as cartridge box for shooting black powder weapons or as a bag to carry modern accessories.

• Uses arrr leather cartridge box with an adjustable 1.5 wide shoulder strap.
• The cartridge box is 8 inches long, 5 inches height, 3 wide
• Shoulder strap can be switched from left to right shoulder using chicago screws, or the straps can be taken completely off n' slide onto a belt instead.
• Weapon frog behind cartridge box which can carry dagger or pistol
• The weapon frog can be adjusted for wide or narrow weapons
• Removeable wood spacer that can carry 16 cartridges.