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New World Plague Mask
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New World Plague Mask
New World Plague Mask
New World Plague Mask
New World Plague Mask

New World Plague Mask

$ 7.00


Currently In Stock, Ready to Ship Out Today!

It be a whole new world now! Plague Mask be perfect in these trying times, we pirate’s sometimes need extra protection from the evil spirits presently as work. These face mask be made right here in arrr very own shop. Support my hard working staff so I don’t have to make them walk the plank! Perfect to wear with Plague Resistant Shirt n with use of the Plague Key.

• Front is made 100% cotton, black only, more colors coming soon.
• Backing is made of black non-woven fabric made of 80% polyester 20% Rayon
• Elastic side bands fit most adults
• Can be washed n’ reused

Hint: Soak them in rum first to sterilize them to make yar entire day more enjoyable, yarrrr! 

We have developed a new Hospital version mask at be more affordable.

NOTE: Face Mask arrr not returnable, just like underwear.

These face masks are not designed fer medical professionals, but fer everybody else. They be 95% effective against 1 micron particles vs 97% from a medical grade mask. See report.  There be claims that mask arrr ineffective. These claims arrr made because there arrr not enough masks fer everyone.  A mask prevents people with the virus from spreading it around n’ it inhibits people from touching their mouth n’ nose.  It be 65% successful for avoiding virus infection. See another report.

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