Spanish 1 Reales Silver Coin Necklace

Year: 1739 - 1 Reales

1 & 2 Reales Pirate Cob with 14 K Gold bezel and 22 inch stainless steel chain

When we think of the treasure coins of pirate lore, the silver Spanish colonial coins of Central and South America immediately come to mind. Next time you read about the great pirates of long ago, Henry Morgan, Edward Teach (Blackbeard), John Rackham (Calico Jack), Mary Read, Anne Bonny and many others, these were the coins that drove their raiding and pillaging of land and sea! Even the great, and often maligned, “pirate hunter” Captain William Kidd used these coins to purchase rum and wine for his crew.

Crudely shaped and hand-hammered, these silver pieces of history are some of the most intriguing and beautiful coins ever minted. And because each coin was minted by hand, they are one of a kind. Unlike a machine minted coin, it is impossible for anyone else to posses a coin exactly like yours!

These 1 or 2 reales cob coins be a good or vs good grade due to corrosion and some of the detail is missing. They are of different dates from 1621 to 1755 from the Potosi or Peru mint. 1 and 2 reales coins in the new world where rare, as they send silver bars to Spain where they would mint the smaller coins there.  That is why to became common to cut 8 reales coins in half or quarters to make change.

They come with a Certificate of Authenticity and 22 inch 4 mm stainless steel necklace.