Spanish Trabuco Blunderbuss (Black Powder)

Title: Spanish Trabuco

This Spanish Trabuco be a blunderbuss that features the unique Catalan boot style stock.  It was used from 1680 to 1780 throughout the Spanish Empire.  Great when you want a unique blunderbuss that no one else has.

• Walnut stock with Maple nose piece
• Spanish Miquelet flintlock mechanism with grooved frizzen, instead of the common English lock design
• 15.5 inch steel barrel 75 cal.
• All steel hardware and butt plate
• Hickory ramrod can be used to adjust the flint, no special tools needed.
• Features the distinctive removable face vertical grooved frizzen for great sparks
• 95 grains for blank loads n' 45 grains for ball

• Length: 31", Weight: 6.9 lbs