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The Sea Rover's Practice Cover

The Sea Rover's Practice

$ 18.00

Here be the best book on how pirates actually fought and boarded a ship by Tiger Lee's good mate, Benerson Little, a former Navy SEAL Officer from Key West.

For those who love historical texts, but sometimes have a hard time weeding through the period language and overly technical jargon, this book is a real blessing. The author not only deals with the methods of tracking, chasing and boarding prey, but goes happily in-depth about the people who follow the "sweet trade".

Focusing on a hundred year period beginning in 1630, he uses contemporary diaries and books to describe everything from the background, motivation, tactics, equipment, and even an appendix on drinks. The reality of the sea rover's tactics are in stark contrast to the image of the Hollywood pirate.

Softback, 320 Pages, 9 x 6.4 inches


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