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X by The Brigands

X by the Brigands

$ 15.00

The Brigands be a musical minded family that performs songs, sea shanties n' tines, lore n' facts, from the Golden Age of Piracy, 1650 - 1750 and beyond. This be a group of brothers who be from different parts of the country n' get together fer pirate festivals, such as Fells Point Privateer Day, John Levique Pirate Days, Hampton Blackbeard Festival, among others, to play some of the best traditional pirate music we have ever heard.

Krewe consist of: Cap't Robertsgrave Thighbiter, Bloody Bill Marley - First Mate, Butch Cannon - Gunner's Mate. Kevin McQueen - Bo'sun. The music quality of their CD be on the rough side.

1. Six Bells
2. Mariners Revenge
3. Triple Scotch
4. The Period Song
5. Get in, Get Out
6. Sarum's Song
7. Hoist the Colors
8. Flowers of Edinberough
9. A Man from Portwater
10. Ben Backstay
11. The Pyate's Way
12. Good Ship Veinus
13. The Hellions Delight
14. Eight Bells


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