Bandanas, Neckerchiefs N Head Scarves fer Pirates N Wenches

Pirates wore bandanas or head scarves to keep sweat out of their eyes n' hair out of the rigging. Some say that pirates wearing bandanas be a myth. In the few pictures of pirates n' sailors, they wore the bandana around their neck. The problem be that most images of pirates n' sailors be illustrated on deck or in town, when they wore them tied around their necks, but when they went aloft, they wore them around their head.

We make pirate bandanas the right way with one extra large triangle of fabric (35 x 55 x 35 inches), so ye don't have to fold them in half. Real pirates can tie their own head scarf they don't need a pre-sewn do-rag! The pirate look be one with a long tail coming down behind the ear. Everybody sells those tiny 22 inch squares they call a bandana, they are too small for a real pirate, they are made of fabric so thin it won't absort any real sweat. We make them of 3 kinds of natural fibers: cotton, linen n' silk. Polyester, no matter how thin, doesn't keep ye cool, as it doesn't breathe or absorb sweat very well.

Aye, Aye these head scarves can be worn by men, mates, rogues n' scurvy dogs as well as wenches.


How to Tie a Pirate Bandana Video