Short Pirate Film: Mutiny!

Munity! be an Award Winning short film.  A 17 minute flick that be professionally done, it be quite entertaining with an engaging cast that reminds me a bit of Our Flag Means Death.  It has a kind n' considerate Captain that be much like Stede Bonnet, n' Mr. Phoebe be much like the deadly disguised female pirate Jim.

The creator, Matthew Gratzner, be originally from Miami. He was a tour guide on the HMS Bounty n' worked at the Renaissance Festival.  In 1995, he moved to LA to become a film maker.  He personally made all the costumes n' props, including the long boat, n' shot it in its entirety in two days in the summer of 2019. I wish I could say I was involved with this production, but perhaps in the future may the time come that Gratzner wishes to produce more content of this fine caliber. The story is a subtle social commentary on today's divisiveness and tribalism told as an action adventure comedy using 17th century pirates.

Gratzner is working on developing Mutiny! into a 8 episode series.  He is pitching it in hope a studio will pick it up.  I do hope we do see more of his series in the future, as we alway need more pirate entertainment, arrrgh!  Click the link to watch the short film.

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