Pirate Groups

If ye know of a scurvy pirate krewe not listed in these here pages, e-mail a link to thar website!

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United States


Arizona CorsairsPhoenix, AZ



Orange County Pirates, Orange County, CA

Pirates of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA

Port Royal Privateers, Los Angeles, CA

StrangleholdSan Diego, CA

Tales of the Seven Seas, San Francisco, CA



Free Men of the Sea, East Hampton, CT



Atlanta Pirates & Wenches, Alanta, GA

Cursed Few, Sourthern GA

Dead Pirates, LaGrange, GA



Brethren of the Space Coast, Sand Point Isle, FL

Crewe of Thee Leviathan, Daytona Beach, FL

Krewe of the 13, Palm Coast, FL

Krewe of the Black Heart, St Augustine, FL

Krewe of the Karibbean, Navarre, FL

Fernandina Pirates Club, Fernandia Beach, FL

Harbinger, Tampa & 3 other cities, FL

Pirates of the Four Winds, Miami, FL

Pirates of the White Sands, Panama City, FL

Pyrates of Tortuga Bay, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Pyrates of the Coast, Altamonte Springs, FL

Pirates of the Suncoast, Cape Coral, FL

Pyrates of Tortuga, Marathon Shores, FL

Psi Kappa Omega Pirate Fraternity, Key West, FL

Rusty Cutlass, Orlando, FL

Scarlett Fortuna, Largo, FL

Sea Wolf Privateers, Palm Coast, FL

10 Rapscallions, Titusville, FL

The Lazy Kracken, Tampa, FL

West Coast Mutineers, Palmetto, FL


Tampa Bay Gasparilla Pirate Krewes

Anna Maria Island Privateers, Anna Maria Island, FL

Bonney Read Krewe, Tampa, FL

Krewe of Blackbeards Revenge, Tampa, FL

Krewe of Bowlegs, Ft Walton, FL


Pirates & Buccaneers of the Resurrection, Washington, Iowa



Krewe of PirateNew Orleans, LA

Pirates of the Quarter,New Orleans, LA



Merrick's Privateers, Columbia, MD

Pirates of the Drunken Ferret, Baltimore, MD

Pyrate Brethren, Elkridge, MD



Rogues' Armade, Boston, MA



Mystic Krewe of the Seahorse, Bay Saint Louis, MS



Great Lakes Rivers Pirates, Niles, MI



Pirates of Rogues Cove, Las Vegas, NV


New Jersey

Cloven NemesisNJ

Valhalla's Pirates, Pleasant Beacn, NJ

Sea Dogs, NJ


New York

Pyrates of the Crimson Blade, Alexandria Bay, NY

Ye Pyrate Brotherhood, Sayville, NY


North Carolina

Cannon Crew, Beaufort, NC

Carolina Cutthroats Krewe, NC

Crew of Scarlet Dragon, Wilmington, NC




The Harlot's Virtue Pirates, Cleveland, OH

Modern Day Pirates, OH



Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries, Portland, OR

PDX Pirate, Willamette Valley, OR

Skull & Thistle Pirate, Portland, OR



Pirates of Fortune's Folly,Philadelphia, PA



The Call of Booty, Houston, TX

Pirates of the Gulf Coast, Galveston, TX



Blackbear's Crew, Hampton, VA

The Moody Crewe, Virginia Beach, VA

The Loose Cannon Company, Virginia Beach, VA


Pirates of Treasure Island, Everett, WA

Pirates of the Salish Sea, Mukilteo, WA

Rusty Scupper Pirates, Westport, WA

Seafair Pirates, Seattle, WA



The Brethren of the Tide, Casper, WY 


Pirate Groups of the other 6 Seas


Jade Dragon Pirates,Canada

1000 Islands Pirate Society, Canada

Nova Scotia Pirates, Canada

Shade Isle Pirates, Canada

Buccaneers of the Black Fleet, Canada


United Kingdom:

Brixham BuccaneersBrixham, UK

Brotherhood of the Black, UK

Cambridge Skeleton Crew, Cambridge, UK

Drumskullz, UK

East Coast Pirates, Whitby UK

Hastings & Eastbourne Pyrates, Hasting, UK

Heart of the South West Pirate Crew, Bristol, UK

Liverpool Pirate Brethren, Liverpool, UK

Peninsular Pyrates, Landguard Peninsula, UK

Pirates of Pool, Poole, UK

Pirate Union of Buccaneers, Corsiars and Associated Trades, UK

Plundering Pirates of the North East, UK

Purbeck Pirates,Purbeck, UK

River Rogues, Oxford, UK

Sheppey Pirates, Kent, UK

Suffolk Free Company of Pirates, Suffolk, UK

Sully Smugglers, Barry Island, UK

Tortuga Pirate Crew, Whiby, UK

The USSU Pirate Society, UK

Whitby International Pirate Society, Whitby, UK


Other Countries:


Black Spot Enterprises, United Kingdom



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