Blue Pirate Collections

This be arrr grand collection of pirate garb in royal blue, navy blue, tortuga blue n' sky blue.  Different shades of blue be extremely popular with sailors, pirate n' the royal navy. The color blue represents stability n' reliability as well as calmness or serenity.  Europe started to import the Indigo dye in the 15th century from India. Blue became fashionable in the royal courts in the 17th century, then in the 18th century it became the most popular color for military unitforms.  Blue be also the color of France. Blue be the color of both sky n' sea. We have a shipload of plunder to make a blue pirate costume, arrrgh!

Complete Outfits in Blue
Men's: Blue Pirate Outfit, Elizabethan Sea Dog, Sea Worthy Outfit
Women's: Blue Lady Pirate, Corset Dress Outfit, Pirates Delight,  Caribbean Wench, Tortuga Outfit, Sassy Wench

Corset Dress
from $ 235
Jack Waistcoat
from $ 185
Buxom Bodice
from $ 185
Sea Dog Jerkin
from $ 150
Sailor Jacket
from $ 120