Pirate Fashions Krewe


Krewe of Pirate Fashions

Unlike other pirate store which are operated by landlubbers, we are fully staffed by buccaneers who talk, dress, drink n' fight like pyrates. Tiger Lee the Captain of this scurvy krewe, Gypsy the Sailmaker be the purser 'n keeps the books,  Lady Pitn be the head streamstress, Stinky Pete is the leather maker, Jim Hawkins be the main tailor,Emerald Annie 'n Shiren Siren be seamstresses Mad Dottie 'n Powder Monkey be ship assistants, 'n Dead Red be in charge of shipping.

Tiger Lee of the South China Sea be a pirate at heart. A renegade who skirts the edge of society as being the premier pirate photographer of the seven seas. As the only full time profession pirate photographer in the world, he shoot more pirates than the British Royal Navy.

After travelling the New World fer the past 12 years vending at over 150 pirate related events, he searched the south eastern seaboard n' Carribean fer a permanent studio to set up. He set down in St Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in this fine country.


Pirate Fashions N Fotos is quite unique in that it is the only Olde Tyme Photo Studio that features Pirate only, plus it has a pirate store that tell authentic pirate garb. Most pirate store in the world only sell t-shirts n' plastic trinklets with skull & cross bones. In filling up this pirate store, he brings you the best of what this store has to offer.

Pirate's Magazine featured him in a 8 page article in Issue 3. He has been writting a column fer the past 3 years in Pirates Magazine called "A Siren's Call".

Tiger be a master of combinin' photography with digital manipulation. He be winnin' two Photoshop GURU awards at thar Photoshop World Conference.

He be a member of Antique & Amusement Photographers International, Digital Art Guild n' teachin' Advance Image Manipulation at the Art Institute of California.

Heavy Metal Magazine published his calendar “Babes with Blades” n' he self-published his own art book called “Digerotic Art” as well as the "Hot Pirate Babes" Calendar for 4 years.

Gyspy the Sailmaker (Laurana Atwood) answered an add fer a costume maker in Sept 2010, when we were still in St Augustine. She was a military brat raised in Alaska fishing salmon n' dog sledding. One of her past sports be sky diving, with over 300 jumps. She spent many years as a accountant in the corporate world, before she found her calling of making costumes for DragonCon attendees. Gyspy n' her husband owned a custom cabinet n' countertop shop in a 15,000 sq ft shop with 16 employees until the housing crash of 2008 forced them to close shop. Down on her luck, she took to piracy, n' be very happy designing new prototypes, sewing pirate garb n' keeping the books.





Lady PITN (Karen Shuey) loves pirates since seeing Errol Flynn in "Captain Blood" n' "The Seahawks" in the 1960's.  She also discovered the SCA in the 1990's.  Karen has been sewing clothes n' costumes fer the past half century. She started Karen's Krewe Closet in 1997 to focus on the Gasparilla krews.  After 15 year of serving South Tampa, she closed it down in 2012 due to health issues.  Like every sailor who longs fer the sea after retiring, her love of making period clothing, lead her to a part time position with Pirate Fashions.  Now she trains a new generation of seamstress n' aids Tiger in designing amazing new pirate outfits.






Dead Red (Laura J. Gasser) starter her career as an insurance agent, where she be youngest licensed insurance agent in Florida, before moving on to work fer Citicorp fer 8 years. Tied of working with the sharks, she longed fer something to call her own, where she started her own landscaping company. When that venture failed, she jumped aboard the costuming business, working fer Features, Spirit n’ Halloween Megastore. After the economy tanked, she landed a position in at Macy. Longing fer the more adventurous life, Dead Red applied at Pirate Fashions, where she now be arrrr shipping wench in charge of on-line orders. She also be making tricorne, so we call her a mad hatter, as most of the krewe be a bit mad to take on the pirate’s life.



Madd Dottie (Lisa Eckhardt) be adrift after a tragedy struck her mate. Once a fulfilling career in nursing, now produced no joy.  Being down in her life, she stumbled up an opening with Pirate Fashion. Embracing the brotherhood, she found new friends n' new purpose in her life.  Madd Dottie be a member of the Krew of Hillsborough fer over a decade n' has loved pirates fer a large part of her life.  When she be not lookin' fer more plunder, you might find her swimming in the ocean with all kinds of sea creatures such as dolphins, turtles, sharks, otters, stingrays, manatees and fish.

Emerald Kracken (Brittany Reuther) be arrrrr head seamstress. She started sewing when she be 14 n'  got a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Theater with a focus in costuming. She's be born n' raised in La Florida where pirates be part of her life for as long as she can remember. She currently does costuming fer Jobsite Theater n' Berkeley Preparatory School.  She attend all the local conventions, so she can cosplay in her latest video game n' fantasy outfits. The environment n' her fellow coworkers make coming to work exciting and fun.  


Powder Monkey (Stephen Shuey) be the son of Lady PITN, so piracy be running in the family.  He has many year of working the Bay Area Renaissance Festival and Museum of Science & Industry under his belt.  He has a BA Degree in History from University of South Florida with a focus on 19th Century History.  He writes fan fiction n loves cosplaying as Green Power Ranger. He started out as a temporary, but has moved up to a permanent position working the front store.