Baldric N Weapon Holders fer Pirate

The fun of being a pirate, be carrying weapons, lots of them, the more the merrier.  Ye can carry them on belts, but the preferred method be over yar should with a Baldric.

Baldrics be a type of belt worn over one shoulder n' be used to carry a weapon, usually a cutlass. Used by pirates and seamen instead of sword belts, because they arrrr much faster to put on, which be important because when yar up in the rigging adjusting sails n' then dropping to the deck fer a boarding action, seconds count. Baldrics can be made of fabric or leather.

Since many pirate events outlaw weapons, we have crafted a line of baldrics n' supplies fer the pirates' second favorite activity, after fighting. When ye want to be armed to the teeth fer drinking, the Bottle Baldric, Flask Baldric and Shooter Frog can replace the swords and guns. Ye will never be out of rum with these drinkin' accoutrements! Ye can wear any one of these item n' be the life of the party, but wear all three of them to be the King of Spirits! 

Dagger Frog
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