Pirate Sash N Buccaneer Sashes

Sashes were historically most popular in the 17th Century during the time of Sir Henry Morgan, but became a must have fer the pirate look because of paintings and movies. It may be simple and practical torn cloth like the Seamen's sash or highly ornate like the Governor's Sash. Can be worn alone, but is best worn with a belt on top as ye may need to hang many items such as pistols, pouches, or tankards off it. Arrr pirate sashes are the full 12 foot long one, which will go around twice n' still have nice long tails. Most other merchants sell the cheaper 8 foot one that only goes around once n' don't give you the proper pirate look.

Make sure ye watch the video at the bottom of the page on "How to tie a pirate sash n belt" nice n' proper matie!


How to Tie a Pirate Sash N Belt Video

How to tie a Men's vs Women's Pirate Sash