The Treasure Reward Program lets you earn 10 points with every dollar spent at the store or on-line to be redeemed for discounts. You can sign up by clicking the "Earn Rewards" button on the bottom left hand of the page. You are automatically enrolled when you qualify for Free Shipping.

Sorry we don’t offer any discounts, but we do offer a Treasure Rewards Program. Arrrr prices are the same in store, on-line and at outside events. The process of making many different kinds of unique pirate products in house is very expensive and our profit margin is already very, very low. We don’t raise our prices so that we can artificially lower it and call it a sale.

Most of our products have a measurement in inches next to the size. For items such as shirt n’ blouses, they represent the chest size. For skirts n’ pants, they represent the waist size. It is best to get a measuring tape and get your actual waist or chest measurements (jeans and other clothing are in vanity sizing, which is not true to measure). For pants, you will want to order a size that is 3 inches less than your true waist measurement. (For corset sizes, read the text on the corset page.)

Tape measure your waist at its narrowest point (generally 2-3 inches above the belly button) , then subtract 3-4 inches if you are new to wearing corsets or have little body fat. Take 5-6 inches off if you are experienced at wearing corsets or have plenty of body fat. Do not go off your clothes size. If you have a waist measurement of over 40 inches, you can take 6 to 8 inches off for your size.

Example: If your waist is 27 inches and you are an experienced corset wearer & have normal body fat, you should order a 22 inch corset. If unsure, order it smaller, as you do not have to lace it completely closed. These corsets have modesty panels in front and back and skin will not be showing.

Online we are open 24/7. We answer calls and e-mails everyday. Our retail store in Tampa, FL is open Fri – Sat – Sun from 11am to 6pm year round. We are also open on Thursday from 11am to 6 pm in the months of Sept, Oct and Jan. There are extended days and hours for Gasparilla in January.

We are normally only open Friday to Sunday. If ye happen to be visiting Tampa on a different day, you can arrange a special appointment to visit arrrrr fine shop by calling in advance to set up a visit, but ye must promise to purchase $200 or more to qualify.

We do not accept personal checks but are happy to take travellers checks and credit cards. We do sometimes have issues with debit cards that cannot be used as a credit card.

We believe in the olde fashioned idea that ye should be happy with the quality of the product and so we avoid offering "cheap" items. We don't play the game of marking things up so we can pretend to mark them down.

We want to provide pirate stuff when you need it, not make you wait fer a sale. In arrrrrr 6 years of operation, we have never held a sale. Arrrr prices be the same everyday at arrrrr physical store, as well as on-line or at outside pirate events. We be pirates, but honest ones. We want you to feel you got lots of great pirate gear not available anywhere else.

When you order a gift certificate you will receive a special code on yar invoice/receipt. When you come into the store you will present that code to your cashier or if you're paying online, you will input the special code in the shopping 

You can visit our pirate events page to view the events we will be vending at. Generally we vend at: John Levique Days, Hampton Blackbeard Festival, DragonCon, Cedar Key Pirate Invasion, Tybee Island Pirate Festival, and the St Augustine Pirate Gathering.

Pirate Culture Questions

That be an interesting question. After a failed attempt to be a respectable businessmen, a mate suggest that I go on the account n' shoot pirates. This friend ran a business called "Pirates for Hire" out of Hollywood, 'n got a large corporate gig to put on a pirate party n' be needing a photographer to dress people as pirate n' shoot them. So I started out an an olde tyme photographer who specialized in pirates. I moved from San Diego to St Thomas, American Virgin Islands to start up a permanent pyrate photo studio, but it didn't work out. I did finally set up in St Augustine, FL for 3 years and when we outgrew that location we moved to Tampa, FL.

We have provided many props n' clothing fer movies n' TV programs. In terms of being in front of the camera, we have been extras in a movie called "America, Imagine a World without Her", we were on the documentary for Assassins Creed 4, as well as a piece for Museum Men, the History Channel TV series, plus we have been on a lot of TV news interviews.

The special day fer all pirate loving souls be September 19 every year since 1995. Started by Cap’n Slappy and Ole Chumbucket with the help of Dave Barry in 2002 to popularize it to the world.

Just visit arrrrrr Pirate Group page, search fer the group closest to yar location and click on the links to research the different pirate groups.

We be happy to plunder any large rich ship you point us to, we arrrrr pirates. Our experience be that people are too conservative their first cruise and only bring an eye patch and bandana. Those who come back to us to prep for their second cruise always tell us that they should have listened to us the first time n’ gone overboard with a full outfit. The better yar outfit be the more fun ye will be having. Get an outfit that will make you feel like a movie star, one that will have someone asking fer yar photo every ten feet.

Start with this here video on how to talk like a pirate.

The best book on the subject be the Pirate Primer, which you can buy here.

Product Questions

We focus on pirate clothing fer adults. We do have a few items that might work for kids, such as a few hats, toy weapons 'n skull caps, but typically no clothing.

We don’t sell cheap polyester Halloween style costumes. We do sell more authentic pirate garb in mainly natural fibers. We focus on the time period from 1580 to 1840 for Europe and North America.

Items we buy from someone else and resell are in the current inventory system and will show up available to purchase on-line, though rarely, sometimes the inventory system is incorrect. Most of the items we make in house are always available to purchase on-line, but they may not be in stock. We will let you know how long it will take to make the item, sometimes just one day, sometimes 4 to 6 weeks depending on our backlog of production.

If you be struggling with finding an outfit we can help you. We recommend that you take a look at the "How to Dress Like a Pirate" or "How to Dress Like a Lady Pirate" first, and see if you prefer any of those outfits. If there isn’t something you like, let us know what you're looking for.

Always start with the middle first (corset, coat or waistcoat), then pick a top and bottom to go with it. Next, pick your accent stuff such as bandana, sash and socks, then the belt, boots and hat. Lastly go for weapons and drinking supplies and the gear to hold them, such as baldrics, holsters n’ frogs.

Our color suggestion to put together an outfit is have each item contrasting with the item next to it, so that all the items are not the same color (unless you want a completely matched set – which was a popular style back then). This means you have a white shirt next to a burgundy waistcoat, with a red sash and black belt over it, and a black pant under it, then red socks and black boots, and a black hat with red bandana. Even though you have 3 red and 3 black item, none of them are next to each other.

We focus mostly on products that pirate n’ wenches wear. We occasionally have a few mermaid products, but we do not carrry Taco costumes.

We don’t have much in terms of home furnishing other than some flags n’ treasure chests. We don’t carry tourist souvenirs like ashtrays, spoons, towels with skull n cross bones, etc.

We try to use the same materials used on the original pirate products. We primarily use natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk and wool in arrrr garments. Some of our clothes are made of rayon which is a fabric made from wood pulp. Some of the fancy brocades in our corsets and frock coats arrrr made of synthetic fabric, as natural fiber brocades are almost impossible to find anymore. We use good quality cow hide in most of our leather products. We use steel, brass and wood in our weapons.

We have a few antiques in arrrr shop, but almost everything we carry is a modern reproduction.

It has taken many years of searching the 7 seas to find the finest pirate products. We could tell you arrrr secrets, but we would have to kill ye! Remember that dead men tell no tales.

We have videos all over the website that demonstrate how to wear certain pirate garb, such as bandana, sashes, belts, corsets, skirts, etc.

We do have hundreds of photos of customers in arrrr garb, just visit the arrrr customer page.

That be a fine question. We start with research on original patterns from books, paintings and other historical documents, and we look at what other companies are producing. We have found that clothes made and worn 200 years ago are much different than modern clothing. Pants didn’t have pockets, were worn high on the waist, tight around the calf with a big diaper butt so you would not rip out the crotch when riding horses. We find that most modern folk will not buy the original style clothing because it feels unfamiliar, so we make modification to allow you to feel comfortable wearing it.

Weapon Questions

You must be over 18 to buy any weapons from us, but we are not required to run a background check. We do not sell black powder or musket balls.

All of our swords are made of steel, none of them have sharp edges. We carry 3 types: presentation, battle ready and stage combat. The latter two are designed for real sword fighting.

We can not ship functional black powder weapons to foreign countries or to New Jersey, New York City or Chicago. We are willing to ship blades or replica firearms to foreign countries, but you assume the risk and cost of shipping. If the shipment gets returned we will refund the cost of the items but not the shipping fees, so do your research first to find out what is allowable into yar country.

All arrrr black powder firearm are designed to fire lead musket balls of the proper caliber. Some of our competitors weapons are only designed to blow smoke and make noise, but arrrrrs be fully functional weapons.

We are not allowed to sell black powder or ammo. We suggest you get yar black powder from: powderinc.com and yar musket balls from: trackofthewolf.com

The non-firing replica weapons should not be made to fire, as they are made of soft pot metal instead of ordinance quality hardened steel, which means that it would explode if fired. If you want a firing weapon, then buy arrrr real black powder firearms.

We are not in the business of giving appraisals or assessments of antique weapons. If you brought one in to the store, we could give you the 5 second assessment on whether it's a reproduction or antique. Appraisals to determine value take specialized knowledge and are generally quite expensive.

We can do simple repairs on most black powder weapons from 1580 - 1820. If it is something that will take months to repair, it is not something we want to take on as we have more than we can handle at this time.

We only produce 2 or 3 new firearms each year and we have filled up our schedule for at least the next three years, so we are not entertaining any new requests unless you place a prepaid order of 10 or more firearms of the same type. We only produce firearms for the time period 1580 to 1820. We can do simple repairs on most black powder weapons. If it is something that will take months to repair, it is not something we want to take on as we have more than we can handle at this time.

Customizing Questions

We are happy to custom fit an outfit that we already make in house if you do not fit the standard off the rack size, but there is an additional fee for that service. Pricing is given by request. This will add more time to fullfill the order.

We only use arrrrr own fabric, with other fabrics we don't know how it washes n’ shrinks, if it stretches when sewn, if it's too heavy or too light for it's intended use, if it's natural or synthentic or how the dyes fade or wash out.

We are happy to change the fabric, add trim/lace or custom size one of our current products if we make it in house. We don't take special design requests. We only begin on a new design if we determine it would fill a gap in our current line up n’ we think it will sell well to our current customer market. We only create 3 to 6 new items per year in each category of garb, leather and weapons. It takes 3 to 18 month to get to new design through the development process.

Generally we will not work on products that we did not make.

Watch these videos

Return-Delivery Questions

We want ye to be happy with yar booty.


Then ye be havin’ 3 options:

1) We will exchange it fer a different size, color or exchange fer anything else in the store.

2) We be happy to give ye a store credit to be used anytime in the future, no expiration date.

3) We will refund the item with a 15% restocking fee


Conditions fer exchanges or refunds:
• Must be made within 6 months.

• Custom made items (such as custom hats n’ coats), socks, n’ underwear arrrr not returnable.

• Send the receipt or invoice n’ it must have with original tags.

• Must be in original condition, can’t be damage, washed, soiled, missing parts.



• You will bear the cost of shipping the item to us, we will cover the cost of shipping the exchanged item to you (this doesn't include foreign orders).

• If we send you the wrong items, we will issue you a return label.

If we have everything in stock, we normally pack it the same day and ship it out the next day by US Priority Mail, which typically takes about 2 to 3 days to deliver depending on your location. If we arrrr missing something, we will let you know within 2 days when we expect to have it available. If it's not going to be availabe soon we will give you some other options. If we expect the item within 10 days, we will hold the entire order and ship it the day the item arrives to arrr store. If you have many items in yarrr order, we may ship a part of the order and the remaining items will ship when they come in at no extra charge.

Sorry we are not set up for overnight or next day shipping. We may make an exception with the following rules:

Order must be over $750 before shipping$50 special handling fee plus the standard shipping rateNo more than 30 minutes of phone timeOrder must be completed before 3pmNot during our busy seasons of Sep, Oct, JanNothing is returnable (only exchangeable)

Order from 1- 12 pounds are shipped USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2 to 3 days. Order weight more than 12 pounds will be shipped UPS ground, which can 4 to 7 days. The rate depends on the Zone and the weight of the box

Aye matey! International Shipping is shipped USPS International Priority Mail. Depending on where ya arrrr, it usually takes 10 to 18 days to get to another country, then spends another 1 to 4 days in customs

If the item is heavy or large, extra shipping charges may be added to the order. We will contact you if this is the case. We are willing to ship blades and non-firing replica pistols, but you assume the risk and cost of shipping. If the shipments gets returned, we will refund the cost of the item (if it is not damaged) but not the shipping fees. Let us know if you want the order invoiced a special way for customs, as each country be different, else we will just ship like we ship it to arrrrr domestic customers.

If we greatly overcharge ye on shipping, we will refund the overage after the item has been shipped. We be pirates, but honest pirates, we only take what we need, arrrrgh!

Custom and duties vary greatly and arrrrrr ever changing and it's impossible for us to know them all. We do know most countries will not allow black poder weapons or feathers without a lot of hassle. In all countries it is always the responsibility of the receiver to pay for any customs or duties. We have no idea how these are calculated as it is different fer every item and every country. As a business we cannot classify items purchased as gifts.

You can! Order anything on-line and in the "notes" section of the shopping cart leave instruction that you will pick up the order in store and when. You will be charged the regular shipping fee at the time of your order. When you pick up the order, we will either credit the shipping charge back to your credit card or issue you a store credit for the shipping amount.

Reward Points

You may have purchased from us before without setting up an account. To use your Pirates Rewards Program, click Earn Rewards at the bottom left corner of the screen, and then click Create Account. Use your e-mail and create a Password. That will link your e-mail with your account. After you have done this, you may log-in with that password. You may use it on the same Earn Rewards tab or click Login above the Search line.

Above your e-mail is a Question asking if you already have an account. If not, still click Log In. You may also open the Login screen on a new tab if necessary. Down at the bottom of that screen, the Earn Rewards tab will pop up. You can then follow the steps above and set up your account.

Will I lose them if I set up an account?

No, as long as you have only used one e-mail address. Your point from in store purchases, on-line and outside event all combine in one account. Your points will still be there when you set up an account. However, now you will be able to add your rewards upon making your next purchase with us.