Finished Wench Outfits

This be a shipload of examples of how to dressing like an authentic lady pirate, female sexy pirate costume, historical wench, realistic poppet, high sea's vixen or quality women buccaneer fer any pirate festival, renaissance faire, cosplay, costume party, carnival, Halloween, boating event or pirate wedding.

Figure out if ye wanting to be more formal (wears a body shaping corset) or a more casual outfit (want to be comfortable over being fashionable).  If ye be going out with a mate, did you want to color match. Go here is ye wish to Build yar Own Lady Pirate Outfit!

Lady Captain

Just like the men, the frock coat symbolized the Captain's position fer all to see. You can wear a skirt or breeches as a captain. As you know a women can have many different outfits, even portraying the same character, it depends if ye be at the local tavern or the Governor's mansion.  

Formal Lady

Ladies be wives or daughters of land holding gentlemen.  They were gowns, this be more of a historically accurate garb.  Yar position in society determines the type of clothes ye be wearing.

Traditional Lady

The  common wench n' a lady pirate both wear the same blouse, boned corset n' petticoat, the difference be that a lady pirate wears a pirate hat n' weapons. How ye be wearing the clothes determines yar purpose: sexy (modern) or proper (historical). 

Modern Lady

The traditional look be with long petticoat under a over skirt.  The modern look be with only one shorter skirt to show off a knee, how scandalous! Both wear the real steel boned corset or bodice to give that hour glass shape.

Basic Wench

A common wench normally doesn't wear a steel boned corset, weapons or a pirate hat.  These outfit arrr more comfortable to wear n' more affordable to yar dubloom purse. Great looks to start out, which ye can later upgrade.





Lady Kilt


Sassy Wench




Sexy Buc


Cross Dresser

Historically in the age of piracy, the only women aboard tall ship be ones that dressed like a man. Women of the East didn't have that issue.

Port Royal


Ship's Boy




Charles Town