Arrrrr Fine Customers in Pirate Fashion Garb

I love seeing what customers look like when they go out on the town in some of the fine garb they aquire from us.

Movie, TV, Magazines n' Museums that feature arrrr products


Blackpowder Firearms for Pan Movie (2015)

Swords N Baldrics for Antiono Banderas in Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015)

British Officers Uniform for Beethoven 5 Movie (2003)

Firearms for the Three Musketeers Movie (1993)



Blackpowder Firearms for Black Sails Starz TV Series

Blackpowder Firearms for AMC Turn TV Series

Costuming for Bud Light NFL Commercial "Buccaneer's Living Room"

Blackpowder Firearms for WGN Salem TV Series

Blackpowder Weapons for Cross Bones ABC TV Series

Musket for Museum Men in History Channel TV Series

Cutlass fer CDB Young n' the Restless Soap Opera

Interview of arrr store on: Fox Channel 13 New, ABC Action News, Channel 8 NBC New, ABC List Show, CBS Great Day Live Morning News, Channel 10 WTSP Morning News & Night News



Uniform Coats for New Brunswick Military History Museum

Blackpowder Firearms for Colonial Quarter in St Augustine

Spanish Firearms for the Alamo Museum

Black powder weapons for Lightner Museum

Captain’s Outfit fer Pirates Treasure Museum in St Thomas, VI


(Painting done by Don Mainz fer the Pirate Treasure Museum in St Thomas. Odyssey Marine Exhibits commissioned us to recreate the outfit to be put on display) 


Pirate Hats for Dolly Parton's Pirate Voyage Dinner Attraction in Myrtle Beach

Staff Costumes for Pirate Dinner Show in Dominican Republic by Sigma Services



Hats for Production of Peter Pan for the Lyric Light Opera

Blackpower Firearms for the Production of Le Miserables at Lakeland Community Threatre

Outfit for Peter and the Starcatchers for Peninsula Players Theatre



Treasure Belt for Redd the Pirate at Magic Kingdom & Disney Land

Daggers for update of Pirate of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom

Blackpowder Firearms for Fountain of Youth in St Augustine

Props for the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studio

Captain’s Outfit fer Canoe the Caney

Greeters Uniforms for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Blackpower Cannons for Caravel El Espiritu Tallship 

Weapons and Clothing for Black Raven Pirate Ship 

Clothing for many of the Gasparilla Pirate Krewes

Back Street Boys for their 6th Carnival Cruise Tour

Alan Parsons Live Project for music video in Nassau

Tricorn Hats for LaGrange High School Marching Band

Lucy's Corsetry Database and Product Review



“Retailers Cash in on Pirate Mania” article in Tampa Bay Times

Black Beard and Puppeteer Costume for Assasin's Creed 4, Ubisoft Italy

“In Search of Pirate Wenches” Column for Pirate Magazine

“Elizabethan Seadog” Article for Renaissance Magazine

“Pirate Merchandise Trends” article in Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties Magazine

"A Siren's Call" in Issues 3 to 8 of Pirates Magazine


E-mail a photo of yarself & tell us who ye be, what pirate event ye be at and what products of ours ye be wearing. We post two images in the monthly newsletter.


Todd Walker at Tybee Island Pirate Festival in Swashbuckler Shirt, Roundsmen Waistcoat, Baldric, Sash, Breeches N Hat Lenard N Rayanne at Tybee Island Pirate in Pirate Corset, Saucy Wench Top, Skirt and He's in a Gentlemen Shirt, Filibuster Waistcoat 
Kelly Chamber at Tybee Island Pirate Festival in Swashbuckler Hat, Wench Bodice, Gaspar Skirt Here Joe Crake at the St Augustine Pirate Gather in Bloody Pirate Shirt, Roundsmen Waistcoat, Governors Sash
Madd Blade Maggie & Black Hearted Ann be in a saucy wench top, corsair corset, wench bodice, duchess skirt, custom swashbuckler hats n' boots Jess the Black Heart N' Saber Sheila at Beaufort Pirate Invasion be in buxom bodice, poppet blouse, moxie skirt and sea worthy shirt, tricorn hat, sash, sea worthy breeches
Vanessa Rum Hawkins at the Maryland Ren Faire in Lady Pirate Blouse, Wench Bodice, Vixen Skirt Here be Michael Lunt in one of arrrr Beaver Tricorn, Edward Teach Coat, Blackbeard Baldric Set, Buccaneer Books n' Land Ho Knee Breeches
Simone N Kent Taylor at St Augustine Pirate Gathering in a Lady Pirate Blouse, Wench Bodice, Gaspar Skirt.  He in a Rogue Shirt, Tricorn Hat, Sash, Belt n Pyrate Breeches Walker D Plank n' Boats Van Cleaf  in Corsair Wesket, Triconr, Sash N Breeches as well as the Sheeveless Shirt, Baldric, Salty Dog Slops
This be David Donaldson at the St Augustine Pirate Gathering in arrr Custom Tricorn, Colonial Shirt, Corsair Wesket n Govn Sash. Kelly Buchnan at Bay Area Ren Faire in arrr Gold Wench Bodice, Red Linen Sash, Half Wench Top!
Deborah Thompson at Fishermen Village Pirate Festival in arrr Corsair Corset, Saucy Wench Blouse, Bloody Waist Belt Josh Gillespie at the Pirate Invasion of Beaufort in arrr Roundman's Waiscoat, Land Ho Knee Breeches, Navy Baldric n' Buckle Shoes
Daniel Arrrasjid as Long John Silver in the world premiere adaptation of Treasure Island wearing arrrr Captains's Leather Belt, Colonial Shirt, Buccanner Boots and Captains Baldric. Here be Dakota South at a Pirate Pub Crawl in Ybor City wearin' Wench Bodice, Vixen Skirt N Tankard.
Josie Hopper at Fishermen Village Pirate Festival in arrr Tricorn, Wench Bodice, Saucy Wench Blouse, Vixen Skirt N Replica Pistol Liam Jones at his home in Ireland g in arrr Black Bart Frockcoat, Gentalmen Shirt, Land Ho Knee Breeches & Bucanneer Boots
Dungeon Dan BlackHart at Gasparilla wearin' arrrr Tricorn, Salty Dog Shirt, Jack Sparow Sash n' one of arrrrr Caribbean Cutlasses. Here be Ducan Busack wearring arrrr Scottish Coat, Bicorn, Navy Cutlass N White Drop Front Trousers
Here be Michelle Vroom at a Pirate Pub Crawl in Ybor City wearin' Wench Corset, Saucy Wench Top, Vixen over a Doxie Skirt, Striped Socks N Maiden Boots Here be Forrest Reed at the Pirates of the Estuary party in California wear arrrr the Black Beard bladric with 6 Queen Anne Pistols.
Rachel Faraday at the Northern Caifornia Pirate Festival  in one of arrrrr Custom Pirate Tricorn, Lady Pirate Top, Corsair Corset, Bloody Hip Cutlass Belt, Jack Cutlass, Harlot Petticoat, Vixen Skirt Jeanne N Hershel Pinegar fer their Pirate Wedding aboard the Black Raven wear arrrr Wench Bodice, Duches Skirt, Roundsman Waistcoat
Kathy Petroglou at Cocoa Beach Pirate Festival in arrr Custom Tricorn, Lady Pirate blouse, Custom Belt Buckle Here be Joe Boone on the Tampa Bucs Stadium Ship in arrr Filibuster Waistcoat Boucanier Breeches N Silk Bandana.
This be Carl McAvey at a Tybee Island Pirate Fest who be wearin' a custom Triocorn Hat, Bloody Red Pirate Shirt, Navy Baldric, Flintlock, Cutlass, Slops n' Boots Jamie Fencel at ACS Swashbuckler Soiree Fundraiser be wearin' arrrr Custom Tricorn, Saucy Wench Top, Queen Anne Jeweled Sash, Skirts, Tankard, leg holster n' flintlock.
Lexi Katt at the St Augustine Pirate Gathering in arrrr Custome Tricorn Hat and Vixen Skirt. This be Vance Holman preparing fer a Caribbean cruise in arrr fine Cosair Wesket, Boucanier Breeches, Custom Tricorn, Merchantmen Sash & Thick Belt
This be Deryk Langlais in Japan protraying Captain Flint fer Treasure Island Play in arrr Custom Tricorn, Colonial Shirt, Pistol N Sash. Kathy Hart at Gasparilla wearin' arrrr Tricorn, tankard, corsair corset n vixen skirt.
Morgan Starr with come drunk pirate at St Augustine Pirate Gathering be wearing arrrr corsair waist cincher, tribal belt n necklace, Govn Tricorn and set of bloody hip belts Juan & Jess Rempel at Stanley Park, BC wearin' Poppet Blouse, Strumpet Bodice, Doxie Skirt as well as the Rogue Shirt, Flightman's Waistcoat, Blackbeard Hat, Belt , Sash, Eye Ptach, Spyglass N Case
Scott Planes aboard the Sir Henry Morgan Float at the Gasparilla Parade be wearin' Custom made Tricorn Hat, Burgundy Filibuster Waistcoat, Lucky Curse Coin Pendant & Aquitaine Sundial Ring Cheryl Delrio at the Georgia Ren Faire in arrrr Swashbuckler hat, corsair corset, and Military Turn Up Skirt.
Wayne N Lori Snyder at PyrateCon in two complete outfits (from head to toe) from Pirate Fashions. Michael Belcheff from St Croix, US Virgin Islands wearing arrrr baldric, govn sash n pearl roped bottle.
Here be Commodore Gerard Didier, Founder of the Kreweof Sir Henry Morgan at a parade wearring arrrr Sea Dog Jerkin he modified. Lisa N Joe at the St Augustine Pirate Gathering be wearing a Gentalmen's Shirt, Filibuster Waistcoat, Custom Tricorn, Sea Rover Baldric, Land Ho Knee Breeches, Sausy Wench Top
This be Rob Ledford at his Pirate Wedding sportin' the Blackbeard Frockcoat, Gentlemen Shirt, Filibuster Waistcoat, Linen Sash N Marooner Pants Oliver Kahler at St Patrick's Day Parade in arrr Custom Tricorn, Herringbone Kilt, Buckle Shoes
Here be Dawn boone at St Patrick's Day Parade in Black Corsair Corset, Sausy Wench Top, Lady Buc Belt, Vixen Skirt This be Carrie Florer at the Pirate Festival at St. Johns Pass wearring the Red Corsair Corset, Red Half Wench Top N Bandana
Avast, this here Arron Giles getting ready fer a gaming convention in the fully Assassin's Creed 4 Black Beard Outfit Laura Florer at John Levique Pirate Days in a black Wench Corset, Sassy Wench Top, Red Vixen Skirt, Dutchess Skirt, Lady Pirate Belt & Custom Tricorn plus leather pouch
There be Rick Messer at a Local Pirate Event sporting arrrrr Burgundy Brethren Frock Coat, Calico Bandana, Replica Pistol, Salty Dog Breeches N Belt. Love Len Adcock be looking fine in the Corsair Corset, Blackbeard Hat, Shell Guard Dirk, Lady Pirate Belt N Black Half Wench Top.
. .
Here be Lisa Lautler at the Hampton Blackbeard Festival in arrrrr Gold Wench Bodice n' Parasol SE Simm be hidding out in a sea cave in arrrr Buccaneer Boot, East Indian Sash, Brown Belt N Jack Sparrow Tricorn.
The sexy Alda Delatorre at the Coca Beach Pirate Festival in the red Vixen Bodice n' black Half Wench Top and Black Doxie Petticoat. Here be Leslie Kill at BARF in arrrr saffron Saucy Wench Top n' Vixen Shirt over a Black Doxie Petticoat.
Alex Bailey at the Maryland Ren Faire in arrr Colonial Shirt, Morgan Sash n' Cape. CJ Long at the Pirate Ball looking quiet fetching in the red n black Corsair Corset.
. .
Here be Capt. Garyd at the Beaufort Pirate Festival in a 1st Mate Tricorn, Buccaneer Shirt, Sea Rover Baldric, Seamen Sash, Colonial Cutlass, Kentucky Flintlock, Thick Belt. Rachel Faraday at the Beaufort Pirate Invasion in the entire Treasure Raider Outfit including, Scallywag Hat, Right n Left Pistols with Raider Belt Set, Leather Bodice, Yellow Sash, Bandana, Socks, Maiden Boots.
Dave Topsail n' Kathy Flanagan at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Green Silk Sash, Wench Pirate Corset, n Red Bandana, Navy Baldric, Cutlass, Merchantmen Sash, Leahter Belt n' Buc Pouch Here be HA Disch as Pirate Death at the Anchorage Pub Crawl in arrr Filibuster Waistcoat, Dark Weather Cloak, Red Sash, Gentlemen Shirt.
Here be Hector Robinson in arrrr Gentalmen Shirts, Scallywag Tricorn Hat, Replic Pistol and Jack Baldric N Belt Set. Tim N Christine on the dock in arr. Corsair Weskit, Custom Pirate Hat, Gentalmen's Shirt, Saucy Wench Top, Wench Bodice, Lady Buc Belt, Skirts N Boots.
Rick Sandiford at the Texas Renaissance Faire in arrrr Gentalmen's Shirt, Gold Linen Sash, Land Ho Knee Breeches, Buccaneer Boot n' Squashbuckler bottle Here be a different kind of Jack, being portrayed by Jacqueline Wasson with arrr Jack Tricorn Hat, Sparrow Sash, Jack Shirt n' Jack Sparrow Bandana n' Wig.
Judy Brisendine at Galveston Island, Texas in Black Wench Corset, matching blue Saucy Wench Top n' Vixen Shirt, Lady Pirate Belt, Swashbuckler Hat. Capt Neal Dunaway at Dickens on the Strand in a Edward Teach Frock Coat, Captain Baldric, with a Queen Anne's Revenge Cutlass, Land Ho Knee Breeches, Boots, Rogue Shirt N Gunner Tricorne.
Kathy n' Mike Weeks dressing up fer a New Year's Eve party in arrrr Wench Bodice, Saucy Wench Top, Vixen Skirt.  He be in arrr Rogue Shirt, Land Lo Knee Breeches, Linen Sash n' Leather Belt Here be Michelle n' Bob Bohach at BARF in Frilly Wench blouse, Comfort Bodice, Vixen Skirt & Filibuster Waistcoat, Captain's Baldric, Govenor's Sash, Marooner Pants n' Buccaneer Boots
Captain Angelina Barbosa at the Maryland Ren Faire, looks quiet fetching in arrr Wench Corset, white Saucy Wench Top n' Duchess Skirt, n' Tribal Belt Katherine Howard be sporting one of arrr custom Able Seamen Tricorne Hat with feather bundle n' mermaid hat pin.
Matt Bricker at BARF in arrrrr Purple Brocade Roundsmen's Waistcoat n' Black Linen Bandana. Jenn n' Tasha Blaisdell at the Ybor Night Parade in Red Bandana, Lady Pirate Top, Saucy Wench Top, Black Wench Bodice, Vixen Skirt, Doxie Petticoat.
Here be Chris Brown & Jackie Williams in Custom Bosen Hat, Bloody Red Shirt, Samuel Bellamy Frock Coat, Sea Rover Baldric. She be in a Wench Bodice, Lady Pirate Top, Vixen Shirt n' Velvet Hip Scarf Chuck Caterine who be the winner of the Most Authentic Pirate Outfit Contest with arrr Burgunday Brethren Frock Coat, Black Helmsmen Waistcoat, Gentlemen Shirt, White Land Ho Knee Breeches, Navy Baldric, Thick Belt, Gov'n Sash.
Alison Brown selling flowers at the local Renaissance Festival in one of arrrrr Lady Pirate Tops, Corsair Corsets, Gaspar Skirt. Here be Capt Roberts of the 7 Seas in a Custom Tricorn, Helmsmen Waistcoat, Linen Sash, Gentlemen Shirt, Capt Baldric, US Navy Cutlass and Marooner Pants
There be Brian Fischer at John Levique Pirate Festival in arrrr Rogue Pirate Shirt, Govn Sash, Navy Baldric and Land Ho Knee Breeches Here be Jackie Hodges at St Johns Pas in a Red Saucy Wench Top, Wench Bodice, Black Hip Scarf, and Red Sassy Sea Skirt
Barry Millard at the Pirates Ball with a Custom Captains Pirate Tricorn, Colonial Shirt, Helmsmen's Waistcoat, Marooner Pants, Linen Sash. Here be Carlos Torras at the Hampton Black Beard Festival in arr Gentleman's Shirt, Filibuster Waistcoat, Scallywag Breeches and a pair of Replica Flintlock Pistols.
Jill n' Rob Ross featuring the corset dress in blue with a Lady Pirate Top.  He be wearing the Rogue shirt in Blue with a Filibuster Waistcoat, Marooner Pant and Buccaneer Boots. Nancy n' Tim Crowe at John Levique Pirate Festival in arrr Wench bodice, Lady pirate top, Doxie Petticoat. He be in the Edward Teach Frock Coat , Captain Tricorn, Sea Dog Boots,  Gov Sash, Sea Rover Baldric n' Cutlass
Captain Martog Snowplow at the Motor City Fur Con wearing arrrr Assassin's Creed Blackbeard Coat and Baldric System, Knee Breeches, Custom Hat with Blue Sash n' Socks Dave Oates at Madeira Beach, FL in Salty Dog Sea Shirt, Sailor Slops, Socks, Sandals, Sash n' Belt
Rachel Garrett from Seattle in arrrr lady pirate top, corsair corset, hip scarf, vixen skirt holding a Englishlock pistol. Here be Jeff MadL at the a pirate festival carrying one of arrrr dog lock blunderbuss n' sash.
Here be Captain David Childress Sporting a fully equipped Captains Baldric, Governor's Sash, Belt. Two Executives from ValPak at their National Sale Convention in Custom Hats, Saucy Wench Top, Wench Bodice, Lacy Duchess Skirt, Boots.  He be in a Custom Tricorn, Gentlemen Shirt, Waistcoat, Pyrate Breeches, Boots.
Jamie Lynne N john Mark who got married at Gaparilla be wearing arrrr one of a Custom Swashbuckler hat n' Lady Pirate Belt. Debora Cannizzaro n' her mate Matt be in arrrr Lady Buc Hat, Black Blouse, Corsair Corset n' Skirt; he in the Govn Hat, bloody red shirt n breeches.
Jacqueline Black got a lovely outfit to play at Mallory Square in Key West.  She be wearing arrrr corset dress, lady pirate top, n' duchess skirt. Here be Bailey Verrett in arrr fine Black Beard Baldric n' Belt set will 4 of arrrr replica flintlock pistols.
Here be Vanessa Rum Hawkins n' Walker d' Plank at the Hamptons Black Beard Festival in Wench Corset, Saucy Wench Top, Duchess Skirt and him in a Bloody Red Shirt, Roundsmen Waistcoat. Here be Capt Tig Dupre at Port Orchard Lodge in arrr  Govn Tricorn, Gentlemen's shirt n' Black Bart Frock Coat.
Jo Cannon Ravagee at Beaufort Pirate Invasion in arrrr full Tortuga Starter Outfit. Capt Gary D in a Sea Worthy Shirt, Swashbuckler Hat, Baldric, Drop Front Trousers, Pirate Pistol
Jessie N George of the Raccoon Krewe be in Sea Worth Outfit and Tortuga Outfit with custom tricorn hats. The Crystal Rose in the Lady Buc Hat, Lace Parasol, Lady Pirate Top, Fan, FuFu Skirt
Here be Salty Lips Lou N Yellow Beard Bob in the Buxom Bodice, Saucy Wench Blouse, Duchess Skirt, and Entire Sea Worthy Outfit with Yellow Sash N Bandana Gina Stefani at Cedar Key Pirate Festival be wearing the Pirate's Delight Outfit in Brown.
Mark Gardner & Sherry Latour in our Corsair Weskit and Treasure Belt.  She be in our Green Wench Corset Tina Hernandez & Anna Carlson be in our lovely Corset Dress with Duchess Skirts, blouses and Custom Tricorns
Paul & Pamela Petrey in Saucy Wench Top, Corsair Corset, Gaspar Skirt.  He be in a Sea Dog Jerkin, Sea Worthy Shirt, Linen Sash N Breeches Here be the Maddens Krewe about a Disney Cruise ship. Wearing our Custom Pirate Hats, Colonial Shirt, Waistcoat, Knee Breechs, Boxum Bodice, Saucy Top, Gaspar Skirt
Edward Green at a Children's Hospitals keeping spirit high in the pirate garb he got from us.  Jame Hook Coat, Custom Hat, Colonial Shirt, Waistcoat, Breeches, Sash n' Boots. Black Bart n his wench Seaweed Syran at he Grand Caymen Pirate Week in a Baldric, Belt, Waistcoat, Breeches, Sash n' Boots
Bryson N Jessica Green in the yard before Gasparilla in our gentlemen's shirt, sea wolf breeches, sash n' boot harness. Christopher Starmer at Dragoncon as Deadpool Pirate wearing the Jame Hook Coat, Pirate Hat, Bloody Pirate Shirt, Belt n' Breeches.
This be Joanne Conte-Reed in Corset Dress with Tortuga Blouse n' Bloomers at a Pirate Party Here be Ruth Emblin at a pirate event in Buxom Bodice, Bloody Hip Holster n' Flintlock