Green Pirate Collection

March be green month due to St Patty's Day. Saint Patrick be the patron saint of Ireland. He brought the Christian trinity through the use of the 3 leaf Irish clover, the shamrock.This be arrr grand collection of pirate garb in emerald green, forrest green, olive green n' kelly green.  

Green be the color of new life and the color of rebirth as week as decay n' jealousy. There be many a pirate from Ireland n' the Scottish Highlands, which may have worn kilts during special occasions in addition to regular sailor garb.  But there be more than green garb than just kilts!

Originally green dyes be made of fern, nettle juice or leeks, but in the 16th century they started mixing blue and yellow pigment to get green dye. As you can see we have a boat load of pirate n' wench garb in green to make a costume of all green or with green accents.

Complete Outfits in Green
Women's: Green Lady Pirate, Mardi Gras, Pirate's Delight, Caribbean Wench, Tortuga Starter Outfit, Women's Kilt Outfit
Men's: Green Pirate, Kilted Pirate Outfit, Mardi Grass Pirate Costume

Buxom Bodice
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Men's Tartan Kilt
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Kilt Flash
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