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International Pirate Magazine: L' Echo Des Mers

WI just came across an pirate magazine out of Canada. It be a 16 page magazine that be printed in a paper version fer $1.50 or a free on-line version at L'Echo Des Mers.  Issue 2 came out in Oct 2015, while Issue 22 came out in May 2017 (featuring an article on Pirate Fashions), n' they have every issue in-between fer viewing. The magazine be designed to promote the international pirate entertainment industry. The magazine has reporters in 8 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Tasmania, USA) that supply articles in either French or English or sometimes both.  

Mark Forget be the captain of this endeavor, who has spent 30 years with the Royal Canadian Air Force n' be currently posted in Ottawa. When he was deployed to Tyndal AFB near Panama City Beach, FL, he came across his first pirate festival.  He enjoyed this experience so much, he decided to start his own pirate organiazation.  He started a website called  Festival des Pirate, as well as pirate radio program called Echo Des Mers.

As I be alway interested in piracy in other counties, I asked him about pirating in Canada.  He said "During the best Canadian pirate event survey done by the Écho des mers pirate magazine show that there is around 5000 pirates enthusiasts is Québec and Ontario but  not all in garbs though and the rest of 7000 are distributed through Canada Maritime Provinces.  

Last year it was the Tallahassee Days Pirate Festival 2015 near Halifax N.S. that won the Écho des mers most popular pirate event in Canada with over 5000 visitors in 2.5 days.  But Canada has pirate events from cost to cost, there even pirate activity around the Canadian tall ship festival in all major cities like Richmond Bc. Vancouver Bc. Halifax Ns. Québec city Qc, Montréal Qc and Brockville On. There are too many to start to name all of them. But here a list of some event than Écho des mers coved."

Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Avast, I be assuming that if ye be a true pirate loving soul, n' one of my fine customers, ye have already seen the latest of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I bought my entire Krewe to watch the movie on opening night.

Overall me Krewe n' I be thinking it be a pretty good movie. It be light n' satisfying, nothing horribly accursed or truly amazing. So Arrr big question be this, "Will there be another POTC Movie?" or will this one be the last.

The pirate n' business owner in me, say's "Aye, Aye"; but the true answer will hinge on two factors. Disney and Johnny Depp.  The East India Mouse Company will do another one if they make more money than the last one. Here be the records of POTC according  to Box Office Mojo as we speak:

Title  Opening Week World Wide Cost
Curse of Black Pearl $46M $654M $125M
Dead Man's Chest $135M $1066M $225M
At World's End $114M $963M $300M
On Stranger Tides $90M $1045M $250M
Dead Men Tell No Tales $78M $657M $230M


This movie will push the series to over $4 Billion in sales, which is an extremely profitable feat. The least profitable movie of the franchise be the first one, n' it's considered the best o' the bunch.  So if a movie makes over half a billion profit, they would be crazy not to do another one.

Fer the other issue, Johnny says he loves playing Captain Jack Sparrow. In the other POTC movies, Jack be an active pirate captain who moves the plot forward. In this movie he is a passive character, who has lost his crew, ship n' compass.  The other characters move the plot along n' be vital to the story. Jack Sparrow hardly uses his cutlass or pistol. The only thing he figures out quickly is to drop a sword to Barbossa to kill Captain Salazar.  The critics tore Johnny apart with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 31%. We will see if he wants to avoid a black spot on his reputation n' move onto something else that would progress this career. Could their be a POTC without a Captain Jack Sparrow?

Blackbeard: A Pirate and an Actor!


There be one pirate that struck fear into all men and women throughout the Caribbean and the colonies in the early 18th Century above all others, the infamous Blackbeard! 

Also known as Edward Teach or Edward Thatch, Blackbeard is easily the most notorious pirate when we look through history n' media. He is very recognizable because of his moniker n' his reputation as a hellish, savage man. One may not suspect it, but the persona of Blackbeard may have been driven more by playing a part than Teach being a savage brute himself.

Someone like Blackbeard would be expected to maintain discipline through the use of brute force, but Teach was actually a very shrewd, calculating leader. He would dress from head to toe in black clothing, and use fire and smoke effects on himself with the express purpose of intimidation. And yet, he commanded his own crews and ships with the respect, n' permission of his crews.

Fer pirates across history, the idea of actually fightin' a bloody battle is actually unappealing fer multiple reasons. Ye would not want to damage any potential plunder, n' ye would certainly not wish to put yarself at risk! Believe it or not, most pirates were likely normal people who also had no desire to kill someone unless they had to.

Most pirates would want a ship to surrender rather than fight. So nowadays we see Blackbeard as a master the art of intimidation n' theatricality. He used his talents and strategy to strike fear into people's hearts to get what he want, as a distinct preference to torture or violence. 

There be no actual accounts of him murdering a prisoner or captive, so violence fer the sake of violence would have been rather out o' character we predict. In a business of calculatin' n' clever businessmen, we suspect he was one o' the most famous.

When ye be lookin' at Blackbeard just remember, he's a hell of an actor!

The Pirate Fashions Blunderbuss History

Feast yar eyes on the Pirate Fashions Blunderbuss! The ideal weapon for clearing a deck o' enemy sailors, sometimes it be called a Musketoon. This basically be a short, carbine-like musket with a flared barrel. While we discuss the blunderbuss we can bust a few myths!

Because o' its flared barrel-end it is assumed that its primary purpose was that it was a shotgun style weapon, in reality the flared barrel allows the shooter to easily load a weapon with shot. While at sea or on horseback it made loading the weapon much easier because ye could dump your ammo into the barrel without worrying about precision. They were shortened muskets essentially so that also helped with loading. They were indeed great compact weapons for close quarters, but their shotgun status should be regarded with some skepticism. If the barrel's flare had an effect on the shotgun's spread we would see more flared barrels today.

We also have a false perception that "anything" could be loaded into a blunderbuss, but the barrel would not last long firing silverware or debris- ye would destroy it internally. With most blackpowder weapons ye could actually load multiple rounds o' shot into the muzzle (two was recommended if ye were to do so.) Ye could fire multiple metal balls with a musket, pistol or blunderbuss. Ye could also load buckshot (numerous small balls) into a weapon n' use it in a shotgun capacity, similar to how a ship's guns could fire Grapeshot.

Arrr Armory has Firing Blunderbusses from most of the Colonial powers in the Spanish Main, n' we also have non-firing replicas- less expensive, but purely for prop usage. Browse Arrr Selection, we've for English, French, Dutch n' Spanish! http://bit.ly/2raJ4vK

Bart Roberts, The Tea Drinking Pirate


If a Pirate's Success was measured by the sheer number o' ships captured then Bartholomew Roberts be the most Successful Pirate in the Golden Age of Piracy! Posthumously he would be known as "Black Bart," n' while bein' an incredibly accomplished rogue, he is also known for his strict pirate code n' a lack of alcohol. Roberts preferred tea o'er rum! While this may have made him seem like a bit of a dandy, his crew would be unlikely to judge him, for they profited greatly from their Cap'n!

On Bart Roberts' ship a pirate was not allowed to gamble, party below decks after 8:00 in the evenin', or allowed to neglect the maintenance of their blackpowder or melee weaponry. Seducing or kidnapping a woman or a boy, n' bringing them aboard the ship was punishable by death. These be examples o' the policies that he enacted aboard his ships. With his achievements he was allowed to have strict policies.

O'er the course o' his three year career in piracy, Roberts was able to take 400-500 ships. Before he became a pirate, Roberts was a crewman aboard a slaver ship known as the Princess. When pirates captured the ship off the coast of Africa in 1719 he was pressed (forcibly recruited) into the crew as a navigator. He was quite reluctant, but when pirates see an asset, they do not take no for an answer.

Half a year into his pirate career, Roberts was chosen to be the Captain of his kidnappers. He began a pirating spree from Africa to Brazil, the Caribbean n' up the coasts to Canada. Off the coast of Brazil, Roberts was able to covertly capture a Portuguese treasure ship (the wealthiest in its fleet) n' extract it from a guarded fleet o' 42 ships with a two war ship escort. It took weeks of studying n' planning but the haul was estimated to set most men up for life. O'er three years Roberts was estimated to have made the equivalent of 100,000,000+ British Pounds in plunder.

His career was cut short by pirate hunters however. He died fightin' n' became a pirate legend! 

Anne Bonny and Mary Read, Women of Piracy!

Though Anne Bonny n' Mary Read were likely far from being the only female Buccaneers they certainly be the most famous! They be a dynamic duo that make for quite a piratical tale!

Before Anne met Calico Jack she was married to a poor sailor named James Bonny, business had brought them from England to Nassau where she freely mingled with other pirates n' sailors. She had a reputation for bein' a fiery, confrontational Irish girl. When she got into her affair with Jack Rackham she quickly left her husband fer a life at sea.

As a crewman aboard his ship she had allegedly tried to strike up another affair with a sailor, who in this case turned out to be Mary Read! Read had been disguised as a man to allow her the liberty to pirate freely without dealing with the pressures of bein' a woman in an Age not known for fair treatment of women. The two became close n' it wasn't until Jack became murderously jealous of this "man" that Read's identity was revealed to the crew.

Read (still disguised as a man) had actually fought in one of the several wars that were waged in the early 18th Century between Britain n' Spain, after-which she married an allied Dutch soldier n' made a life in Holland, following his death she sailed to the Caribbean n' became a pirate.

The women sailed the Caribbean with Rackham for about a year before they were captured by English Pirate Hunters and sentenced to hang. Bonny n' Read were able to "plead the belly," meaning they were pregnant, which temporarily exempted them from the noose. Jack was not so lucky, n' met his fate in Kingston. Read unfortunately died in childbirth, n' Bonny may have been executed though there likely would have been a record of it.

There be theories that Anne Bonny returned to her husband in Nassau, her family home in England or perhaps she resumed a life of piracy. The world may never know the rest o' her story! http://bit.ly/2lRL7nb

Pirate Fashions Customers

Show Pirate Fashions yar Pirate Loot n' Swag! We love to see Arrr wares on ye rogues n' vagrants when ye go ashore! Email us photos in yar pirate garb n' just let us know where ye were adventurin' n' what ye be wearin'.

Ye may also be featured in Arrr Newsletters to the Pirate Fashions Brotherhood across the seas! We've had pirates carry Arrr Swag from the Ybor City Pub Crawl to Live Theater Shows for Treasure Island or Pirate Festivals! 

Keep a weathered eye fer Arrr piratical exploits as well! We've had Arrr products n' designs appear on the Starz Show- Black Sails, AMC's Turn, Salem n' Blackbeard's Outfit fer Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Additionally, arrr products have appeared in museums n' pirate venues fer entertainment!   

Pirates and Swivel Guns

Pirate Fashions has its own supply o' Cannon for yar ships! When we talk about cannon it be important to remember that the second ye put'em on a ship they are henceforth referred to as guns. Take fer example the Swivel Gun! It's a small cannon that be designed fer ships n' gun emplacements.

Swivel Guns themselves be a convenient weapon, unlike their larger counterparts they were mounted on a stand or fork that allowed them to "swivel" n' turn in a wide arc. They were small enough that they could be taken ashore by a 2-3 man team, n' used in impromptu land based combat or fortifications. Ye could even mount one on a longboat as ye escape a ship or make your way to a hostile coastline!

A breech loaded gun could be fired in relatively rapid succession using canisters of prepared blackpowder n' projectiles called Mugs. One pirate could feasibly use a swivel gun independently to wreak havoc on sailors aboard enemy ships, they made deadly anti-personnel weapons fer tightly packed groups aboard a deck. A muzzle loaded swivel gun was still quite a force to be reckoned with!

Check out Arrr Supply o' Cannon n' start building up yar Arsenal!


Plannin' Yar Pirate Outfit!

If we be plannin' an outfit from the top we recommend assemblin' the following.

Frock coats fer the high caliber pirate lookin' to strike the most dashing figure.

Waist coats fer a hot sunny day at sea, essential fer any semblance of piratical clout.

Simple or Fancy shirts to convey that ye be a sailin' man (or woman,) we have many options dependin' on the look ye be goin' fer!

Slops n' Knee Breeches, ye have the options to go historically accurate or a little more Hollywood look dependin' on yar preference!

Sashes, Bandanas n' Socks. All o' which should contrast with the rest of yar garb n' show ye mean business.

Tricorn Hats fer obvious reasons! They certainly go a long way to protect yar skin from the harsh Caribbean Sun.

Leather Gear to carry yar weapons n' supplies. A baldric be the most important part o' this so that ye can carry yar blades n' pistol. 

Footgear which could take the form o' authentic buckle shoes n' rope sandals. Or go the badass route n' get yarself some good ol' fashion leather boots!

We also recommend ye get a pouch to store all of yar treasures, as well as yar wallet, phone n' keys!

Learn more about the proper garb o' Buccaneers on Arrr Website!


Fresh Plunder! New Products at Pirate Fashions

Arrrgh! We constantly be bringin' in new clothing, gear n' weapons from Arrr adventures across the Seven Seas! Arrr Fresh Plunder section be the place we stock all of arrr ill gotten loot that we bring into port. 

Recently we have added authentic new Buckle Shoes, n' the Ducks Foot Percussion Pistol! 

Don't forget to also submit pictures o' yar new garb to Pirate Fashions so we can see yar adventures. http://bit.ly/2oXPmNT

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